Accent panels are constructed of high density 6lb per cubic foot glass wool with resin hardened edges. This process works in tandem with the micromesh to fully encapsulate the glass wool to eliminate fibers from escaping. Panels are then covered in an acoustically transparent fabric in a choice of three colors for an architecturally attractive appearance.

Mounting is performed using a choice of Primacoustic Impalers: The Surface Impaler provides easy to use push-down impaling action for regular use while the Push-On Impaler is designed for high-speed precision installations where adhesive will be applied for safety.

Accent panels have been tested to meet stringent class-A/I fire ratings making them suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial spaces and are offered in a variety designs to compliment various acoustical requirements.

Accent Panels Specifications

Core Material: Formed, semi rigid inorganic glass fibers
Density: 6.0 lbs. per cubic foot (96 kg/m3)
Fabric Facing: Acoustically transparent polyester tweed
Encapsulation: Micromesh on front and rear surface, resin treated edges
Absorption H2O: < 2% by weight @ 120°F (49°C), 95% relative humidity
Temperature: -20°F ~ 150°F (-29°C ~ 66°C)
Mounting: Galvanized steel impalers