Primacoustic Sound Absorption Panels Address House of Worship Acoustic Challenges

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primacoustic logoOctober 2, 2019 — From the hear-a-pin-drop closing moments of an impactful sermon to the full bandwidth output of a live contemporary worship band, today’s House of Worship environment reflects the critical need for optimal acoustics and intelligibility — at all volume levels.

A significant challenge many Houses of Worship face in achieving this optimal sound quality is that most were either not designed and built with acoustics in mind or are actually leased warehouse or gym spaces with high, open ceilings, exhibiting significant echo, reverb, and poor intelligibility.

With typically tight budgets allocated for line items other than improved sound and structural renovations, many Houses of Worship struggle for years with congregant’s complaints about high volume and poor intelligibility. And particularly in leased spaces that are designed for other uses during the week, structural modifications of the building are out of the question.

In virtually any House of Worship environment, leased or fixed, where poor acoustics is an ongoing challenge, Primacoustic sound absorption panels offer an affordable and effective solution.

“The biggest challenge most Houses of Worship face today, whether it’s a fixed or leased building, is getting the sound character of the room to be even throughout the space,” said Primacoustic’s James Wright. “In these situations, where the goal is to eliminate dead spots as well as reverb and echo, sound absorption panels such as Primacoustic Broadway acoustic panels are an effective and economical way to address acoustic inconsistencies.”

Primacoustic Broadway sound absorption panels come in a variety of sizes, including the new Broadway Broadband 48” x 48” panel. Broadway acoustic panels are high performance fabric-covered acoustic panels designed for use in a range of applications, including a House of Worship, where superior acoustic performance is desired and safety is of utmost concern. The panels are made from high-density glass wool, exhibiting up to six times greater density than typical foam panels for balanced absorption throughout the acoustic range.

Each panel in the Broadway line is fully encapsulated with micromesh and edges are resin-hardened to assure safe handling during installation. The panels are then covered in a tough yet acoustically transparent fabric and offered in three architecturally neutral colors with a choice of square or beveled edges. The panels may alternately be re-covered with any breathable fabric or can be painted or printed on to match the décor and ambiance of a room for aesthetic and complementary design appeal.

“The number one step in creating a better acoustic environment in a House of Worship is getting the correct amount of sound absorption for the size of the space,” says Wright. “For this reason, the calculation we generally use is anywhere between 17% and 25% of the wall surface area. That is generally enough to absorb excessive ambiance out of the room and create an acoustic environment that will adapt equally to a wide dynamic range.”

The new Broadway Broadband 48” x 48” panel is large enough to address significant sound absorption needs without being conspicuous when hung. When paired with a ceiling panel like the Primacoustic Nimbus or Stratus acoustic cloud panels, any House of Worship environment, and particularly one with a high open ceiling, can be converted into an acoustically desirable space. One where congregants can hear a full range of sound, without experiencing dangerously high noise levels that can lead to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), an increasingly common complaint by congregants in houses of worship with poor acoustics.

“There’s possibly no live sound environment where a high degree of intelligibility and low degrees of reverb and echo are more desirable than in a House of Worship,” said Wright. “Where most churches are limited in terms of budget and/or renovation options, sound absorption panels provide a great way to address a wide range of acoustic issues affordably and unobtrusively.”

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