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Audio Xpress Reviews Recoil Stabilizers
Gary Galo
"Clarity and definition improved across the spectrum, but especially in the bass region. The stereo image is rendered with greater precision, and there is a noticeable reduction in transient smearing.... If your speakers need stability and isolation - which they probably do - the Recoil Stabilizers deserve serious consideration."
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Primacoustic: Element Acoustic Panels
Tape Op Magazine
"Good acoustic treatment is essential for recording and mixing. Do yourself a favor and make the investment, and take it up a notch stylistically with a honeycomb array of Primacoustic Element hexagonal broadband absorbers."
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Resolution Reviews London 12
David Kennedy
"The panels have been up for a fortnight now and what stands out to me most is the marked increase in clarity. Also spatial locations, laterally and in depth, are more clearly defined."
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Worship AVL Investigates Bass Traps
Frank Wells
"Acoustic trap-absorbers from Primacoustic coloured to blend with the architecture at the front of a sanctuary..."
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Audio Xpress Reviews Paintables London Room Kits
These easy-to-use kits include everything needed to turn any room into a great sounding studio or home theater, helping to control primary reflections, flutter echo, and excessive bass. The unique feature is that the panels can be spray painted without disturbing the acoustic properties.
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Professional Sound Reviews London 12 Room Kit
Adam Gallant
I could see this kit working really well for anyone hosting music lessons in their home or a small studio... The London 12 Room Kit has added a professional look and sound to our second studio space that has clients complimenting and booking more than ever before.
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Systems Contractor News Reviews Primacoustic
David Weiss
Ongoing improvements in office acoustic solutions are advancing in step with an increased awareness: healthy sonics are smart business.
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Sound On Sound Reviews VoxGuard DT
Paul White
In this case, the results in an untreated or lightly treated room are definitely an improvement on not using a screen. This model also has the advantage of being compact, extremely rugged and lightweight.
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Capturing Inspiration In House – 604 Studio Using Primacoustic
Kevin Young
Local manufacturer Primacoustic, the company that provided most of the acoustic treatments for the space....
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Front of House Magazine Reviews the KickStand
David Morgan
This unique mic stand very effectively eliminates low frequency resonances from drum risers or staging structures on which the kick mic is placed... The first time I had an opportunity to audition the KickStand using a Beta 52 microphone, I became an instant believer. The sound of the kick drum when mounted to this unit immediately becomes tighter, deeper and punchier. I wish this elegantly simple solution had been available 25 to 30 years ago...
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Canadian Musician Reviews London 12 Room Kit
Adam Gallant
The panels have improved the space dramatically without sucking out all of the high end. The room is clear and airy without flutter echoes and, most importantly, comfortable... The London Room Kits are an ideal solution for someone who doesn't have the time, tools, or interest to build and hang DIY panelling. For one tenth of the work and a more professional aesthetic, this kit is a no-brainer.
Craig Anderton
Editor, EQ Magazine
"I'm naturally skeptical… but the Recoil Stabilizers are the real deal. They do a great job of decoupling the speakers and give more accurate bass and better imaging. It's not just a subtle difference, but an obvious improvement."
Michael Cooper
Engineer / Mix Engineer
Contributing editor, Mix and Electronic Musician magazines
"Attempting to make valid mix decisions while listening to monitors placed on shelves is like trying to watch a movie with sunglasses on. Recoil Stabilizers remove the sunglasses."
Rob Tavaglione
Engineer / Producer
Technical writer - Pro Audio Review Magazine
"Recoil Stabilizers are such a simple and logical solution to an age old problem. As soon as I put them up, they eliminated the 160Hz resonance from my furniture, lifted a veil of low-mid muddiness from my monitoring, and really clarified the imaging. What a lifesaver!"
Andy Hong
Gear Editor, Tape Op Magazine
"Elegant in principle, brilliant in execution…. that's the Recoil. What it does is so simple, and the improvement you hear is so immediate, you have to say to yourself, why wasn't this invented years ago?"
Mitch Gallagher
Editorial Director at
"I definitely hear the difference in the low-end and some lower-mid boxiness seemed to clear up as well. Everything seems more solid and clear, with more definition and separation. I like them!"
Kevin Becka
Technical Editor, Mix Magazine
"Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizers absolutely work. They uniquely provide the audio pro an inexpensive way to improve their listening experience and consequently, their work."
Paul White
Editor, Sound on Sound Magazine
"A noticeable improvement in the sound with better imaging and a better controlled low end… the Recoil Stabilizers are the best isolators I have tried so far."
Barry Cleveland
Associate Editor, Guitar Player Magazine
Michael Masley, Carl Weingarten, Lou Maxwell Taylor, Michael Pluznick, Johan Berke, Richard Pinhas
"When I slipped the Recoils under my monitors and brought up a familiar mix, the difference was so obvious that even a one-eared sound engineer with 50% hearing loss could tell the difference. The lows and mids were significantly tighter and punchier, with greater separation and detail, with increased clarity across the frequency spectrum. A closer listen revealed an overall improvement in imaging and sharper definition of subtleties such as delay and reverb decay."
George Petersen
Editor, FOH Magazine
"It's all about mass. Recoil Stabilizers add a noticeable measure of clarity for serious listening. I'm impressed."
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IDJ Reviews the VoxGuard
Aaron Slater
"Of course, this is by no means a unique invention, several similar products have used the same principle of a mic-stand mounted near-field sound absorber before, but they all tend to fall into the same trap. They're either very expensive, too heavy (which threatens to send your expensive mic toppling to the floor) or simply ineffective. The VoxGuard however, manages to avoid all of these slip ups by striking the perfect balance of sturdyness and lightness, as well as being large enough and thick enough to provide a noticeable 'flatter' sound with vocals in testing."
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ProAudio Reviews the FlexiBooth
Strother Bullins
"FlexiBooth is an acoustically absorptive vocal booth in "cupboard" form. It is designed to hang on the wall of your audio workspace. Closed, its casing — made of black melamine-coated MDF (medium-density fiberboard) — measures 2 feet wide, 4 feet high, and a bit over 5 inches deep. With both 4 x 1-foot doors open, the FlexiBooth becomes a 16- cubic-foot VO environment."
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Sound & Video Contractor Review the FlexiBooth and VoxGuard VU
Strother Bullins
"As the name implies, FlexiBooth is indeed very flexible, thus making it much more than just an acoustic product for tracking vocals. It's attractive, clever, useful, and much more than the sum of its parts."
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Harmony Central Reviews the KickStand
Craig Anderton
"I was able to test the KickStand's isolation perhaps not with total scientific precision, but with enough predictability to find out what I needed to know: This really works. If you're miking kick drums, for about $75 KickStand is a great addition to your toolkit."
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Good Sound Reviews the London 10
Vince Hanada
"Having optimized my system before the installation of the London 10 kit, I expected to hear only a small improvement in sound quality. I couldn't have been more wrong -- the improvement was huge. Even as James Wright pulled the panels from the box and leaned them against the walls, I could hear the reverberation decreasing -- no music was playing, but as we talked, our voices grew clearer and easier to understand. And when I settled in to watch movies and listen to music, it was clear that the many improvements spanned all facets of sound quality."
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CE Pro Reviews the London 10 Room Kit
Robert Archer
"The panels really made a difference. From the scientific side, I plotted various listening points in the space, taking measurements before and after the installation of the panels. The kit smoothed room response between 80Hz to 500Hz, and from 1.6kHz to 4kHz. The kit also minimized some of the peaks in the room from 4k to 6.3k."
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ProAudio Reviews the London 12, Stratus and MaxTrap
Strother Bullins
"With Primacoustic [Broadway Panels, Stratus Cloud and MaxTrap bass traps], my audio workspace sounds like I never imagined it could. As a result, my work has never been better or more satisfying. Without a doubt, the Primacoustic system is the most significant pro audio investment I have ever made."
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Music Radar Reviews the London 12
Robbie Stamp
"As artists, engineers and producers have come to regularly rely on small non-purpose built spaces they have inevitably faced the ugly reality of uncontrolled small room acoustics. The Primacoustic London 12 Studio Kit on review here provides a basic all-in-one solution to address this issue and create an acoustically-controlled work space from a standard untreated rectangular room."
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Future Music Magazine Reviews the London 12
"I installed the London 12 kit in the shell of what will be a studio control room (14m2). Basic measurements were made at nine points around the room before and after the installation with slow sine waves sweeps and white noise as well as standard listening tests. The resluts were positive and essentially fulfilled the design criteria for the kit. .. And at this price it's an instant, controllable and worthwhile solution with zero guesswork or fuss."
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TapeOP Reviews the London 12 Room Kit
TapeOp Magazine
"In the end, the London 12 kit performed exactly as promised - "a 'studio in a box' that includes everything you need to convert a regular room into a functional recording environment." I love the easy setup as well as the understated, professional look (no gleaming logos). And for those of you who've tried foam treatment in the past, you'll notice the difference in quality immediately, as the rigid-fiber panels included in the London Room Kits are much more absorptive than foam, especially at lower frequencies. Cheers to the gang at Primacoustic for providing yet another utilitarian product we can all appreciate and afford!"
Music Lab Before and After With The London 12
"We have recently installed Primacoustic London 12 kits in four almost identical [NLE editing suites] rooms in the new Gold Coast Institute of TAFE's campus at Coomera. This gave us the opportunity to do a "before and after". Check out these two iPhone videos."


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The DSP Project Reviews the London 12 Kit
Rupert Brown
"I've definently noticed an increase in the quality particualy in placement inside of the sound stage, you can tell exactly where things are positioned, everything sounds just that little bit tighter and clearer. the London 12 will give you a fantastic improvement in the sound of your room."


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MIX Magazine Reviews the Maxtrap, Flexifuser, Radiator and Broadway Panels
Kevin Becka
"I shopped around and decided that for my mixing needs, Primacoustic's line of products provided the best blend of problem solving, aesthetic and budget options; plus, they offer a high level of service."
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Harmony Central Reviews the Cumulus
Phil O'Keele
"Unobtrusive and easy to install, these broadband traps make a welcome addition to practically any room"
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TapeOP Reviews the Stratus Cloud
Geoff Stanfield
"In the case of the Stratus cloud, music from my speakers gained a new level of clarity and focus."

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