Recoil Stabilizers are available in a wide variety of sizes and weights to properly match the many different near field monitors in use today. This is augmented with a choice of firing angles to suit the various mounting requirements along with a choice of ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ footprints to address personal monitoring preferences.

As a rule, the tweeters in your monitors should be firing at ear height. It is important to note that the Recoils are approximately 2″ (5cm) thick. So if you have your monitors on a meter bridge, adding Recoils will elevate your monitors slightly. If on the other hand you have adjustable stands, then the HF – horizontal fire will likely be a good choice.

After extensive listening tests, we have found that a 4:1 ratio is the minimum mass required to properly stabilize a monitor. So if you have a near field monitor that weighs 20lbs (8kg), you would select a Recoil that has a mass that is no less than ¼ the weight or 5lbs (2kg). To make selection as easy as possible, we have also provided a cross reference that is sorted by manufacturer and model.