• Breaking up sound energy with the Radiator
  • Using the Radiator as a cloud
  • Using the Radiator as a transition portal

The Radiator is a multi-purpose acoustic device that can be used to break up and scatter sound waves like a diffuser. It can be mounted on walls, used as a ceiling cloud, or in a drop ceiling as a transition portal to give one a sense of greater space in a small room. It can even be used in front of glass to diffuse problematic reflections.

Breaking up sound energy with the Radiator

The Radiator is not a diffuser in the true sense of the word. True quadratic residue diffusers (QRDs) employ a series of mathematically calculated wells based on prime numbers that will break up sound energy in such a way to ensure that all frequencies are equally distributed over time and space to provide both spatial and temporal diffusion.

When used as a ‘diffuser’, the Radiator’s 64 cubicles break up sound energy as it hits the hard wood boundaries and scatters it around the room as it reflects back in multiple directions. This gives smaller rooms a sense of space and air.