The Radiator ships assembled and ready to use in a variety of ways. It can be mounted on walls, in a T-bar ceiling system or clustered together or suspended from a ceiling to create an acoustic cloud. To address these, the Radiator has several special mounting functions built in.

On the back side of the Radiator you will find two keyholes. These are designed to mount the unit to the wall using the supplied anchors and screws. Start by positioning the Radiator on the wall and then mark the top, bottom and sides using a pencil mark. Come down from the top by four inches and inward by ¼” for the center screw location. Mark it, and then use a nail or thin screwdriver to create a guide hole for the anchor. This will ensure the anchor goes in square exactly where you want it. Screw in the anchor and affix the screw by leaving it out by approximately 3/8″. Repeat for the other side and hang.

Hanging points
The Radiator is pre-drilled with 8 holes. These are used for hanging points and for coupling multiple Radiators together to create a cluster. These holes are located towards the back side of the Radiator so that the wire is less visible when wrapped around the wood frame. You can also use the coupling bolts as an anchoring position. Just be careful to make sure you have secured the wire properly.

Coupling bolts
Multiple Radiators can be ganged together to create clusters. Not only is this highly effective acoustically, but with careful application of ceiling lights. You can create dramatic effects that can inspire! The coupling bolts are designed to provide an almost invisible means of coupling Radiators together.

Painting the Radiator
The Radiator comes pre-finished in a natural wood. You can easily paint the Radiator by lightly sanding, then applying a base coat and then the desired color. We recommend spray painting as this will make it easier to get inside all of the corners and surfaces. Painting will not affect the acoustic performance.