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Primacoustic TriPads are a perfect example of how a simple solution can solve a complex problem in your studio — that of unwanted sounds being captured on an otherwise perfectly recorded performance. It’s all about the science of sound.

Sound is vibration. It can travel in waves through air, water, and especially through walls, windows, and floors. Resonant sound vibrations can travel from the floor through objects such as a mic stand, ending up as annoying artifacts on a recording — artifacts that become part of the master recording.

To stop sound from impacting your recordings, you have to stop the vibration. And that’s where Primacoustic TriPads come in.


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4 × 2.3 in (102 × 58 mm)


SKU Centre Bore Material Box Qty
P300-0208-00 1″ (24mm) - Fits standard tripod mic stands High density acoustic foam 3

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