Primacoustic Reorganizes In-House Sales Team for North America

Primacoustic Sales

(L-R) James Wright, Juan Carlos Bolomey and Steve Dickson

Primacoustic (a division of Radial Engineering Ltd.) is pleased to announce that it has restructured its in-house custom install and AV contractor sales team. The changes are designed to better address the growing market for acoustic materials, while adding the additional responsibilities of two other Radial brands, Hafler and Jensen Transformers, to the sales team’s tasks.

Sales Manager Roc Bubel explains the change: “Never before has there been such a growing awareness of the benefits of acoustic noise treatment. People are becoming increasingly educated about the importance of protecting their hearing while also demanding better intelligibility in environments that used to get a pass. Where in the past, patrons would just live with noisy restaurants and assume that it was normal, today, they will try a restaurant and if conversation is impossible due to the ambient noise, they will either complain to management or simply never return. This same awareness is prompting places like schools with multi-purpose gymnasiums and call centers to address the inherent acoustic problems in those spaces, improving intelligibility so that effective communication can be experienced by all. In an effort to better support independent sales reps, contractors and regional distributors, we have realigned the US and Canadian market by dividing it into three territories. The East is handled by Senior Territory Manager Steve Dickson, the Central territory by Juan Carlos Bolomey and the West by James Wright.”  

Bubel continues: “The Radial group of companies portfolio includes Jensen Transformers Inc. and Hafler and the Primacoustic sales team will continue to expand these brands into these already well-established Primacoustic distribution channels. Our realigned team can now better support the network of independent sales reps that work with our customers in each territory. Jensen Transformers has long been producing the Iso-Max® range of audio and video noise eliminating devices, and this of course fits squarely into the custom install market where high performance plug & play solutions are required to eliminate ground loops. The Hafler CI series will begin shipping in July and includes 6, 8 and 12 channel power amplifiers for multi-zone installations in large homes, retail outlets, hotels, and other installations where managing sound in a variety of locations is needed.”

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