Primacoustic Expands Paintables Series with Broadway Broadband 48” x 48” Acoustic Panel

PRESS RELEASE: Port Coquitlam, British Columbia — Primacoustic has expanded its popular Paintables line of acoustic panels with the introduction of the new Broadway 48” x 48” Broadband absorptive wall panel.

Primacoustic Paintables is a line of soundproofing panels that gives architects and interior/room designers the ability to integrate matched color or printed graphics into the acoustic design spec for a room or project. The Broadway Broadband 48″x48″ acoustic panel is an extra-large sound absorbing wall panel ideally suited for installation in larger rooms and commercial facilities such gymnasiums, houses of worship, theatres, and auditoriums.

Primacoustic offers a paintable or printable panel option for select sound panels in the Primacoustic line. Rather than the standard color options of black, beige or gray fabric, Primacoustic Paintables are wrapped in Absolute White™ latex for painting or printing on before installing.

The Paintables option is available for select Primacoustic acoustic panel models, including Broadway sound absorption panels, London 8, 10 and 12 Room Kit acoustic panels, ThunderTile and Saturna ceiling panels, and acoustic cloud panels including the Halo, Hexus, Altos, Nimbus, and Stratus.

“Primacoustic Paintables provide balanced absorption at all frequencies and are available in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of commercial and home theater installations,” said Jay Porter, senior marketing manager for Primacoustic. “The combination of color versatility, sound absorption, and range of sizes make the Paintables line suitable for both large scale and small room installations including houses-of-worship, airports, home theatres, offices, call centers, boardrooms, restaurants, video conferencing, huddle rooms, broadcast facilities and recording studios of all sizes.”

Primacoustic Paintables panels can be custom spray-painted or printed on to match or complement the color or décor of any room. Any standard latex paint can be used, with a sheen no glossier than eggshell recommended to help maintain the panel’s natural absorption qualities. The acoustic panels can be readily painted at any commercial printer, or alternatively, as a DIY project by renting a high-volume, low-pressure spray gun and air compressor commonly available from a local hardware or tools supply store.

Additionally, graphics such as logos, icons or other images can be printed onto the Paintables latex panels. Using UV flatbed printer technology, many commercial printers can apply custom graphics, photos, logos, or images to the face of the panel. This high-resolution printing process applies a thin coating in vivid color without affecting the acoustic performance of the panel.

Primacoustic Paintables are popular choices in commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, gyms, auditoriums, or any other space where acoustic problems such as reverb, echo and sound bleed must be addressed and attention to ambiance and décor is a primary spec consideration.

Primacoustic launched the Paintables line of sound absorption panels after regular requests for more color options from commercial installers and designers. These professionals wanted to offer clients an alternative design solution to commonly used flat colored panels that didn’t complement a room’s overall décor and design.

Vancouver-based Paramount Automation, an A/V consultant firm that specializes in home automation and technology integration as well as acoustic design for commercial businesses, has specified Primacoustic Paintables in a number of commercial projects over the years, to rave reviews from clients.

“We recently worked on an office renovation with QuadReal, a commercial property management company with global headquarters in Vancouver,” said Paramount’s Marty Nightingale. “QuadReal was experiencing intelligibility issues in its meeting and conference rooms due to problematic reverb and echo. These rooms obviously needed sound absorption treatment, but the client also wanted the sound absorption panels to blend in with the office décor and color scheme, which was based on the multi-colors in the company’s logo.”

Nightingale and Paramount Automation turned to Primacoustic Paintables as a solution. “We have a commercial spray booth in our facility, so providing a matched paint acoustics solution was as easy as getting color swatches associated with the various areas needing sound treatment, matching that color in our booth and spray painting the Primacoustic Paintables panels. In the end, our client was very pleased with the results.”

“The custom-painted panels Paramount Automation installed in our meeting rooms make a big difference in reducing the reverb heard on video conference calls,” says David Docker, QuadReal’s lead manager on the project.

All Primacoustic Paintables panels are tested to meet stringent Class-A fire safety requirements, making them safe and spec-able for use in any facility. When spray painted or printed according to specifications, the panels retain sound absorption qualities as if they were standard fabric panels.

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