Will painting acoustic panels not change their acoustic properties?
Yes and it depends on how thick a coat of paint is applied to the surface. With thicker coats of paint you will reduce the high frequency absorption and the paint membrane will trap a bit more bass. Paintables have been formulated to allow a light coat of spray paint to be applied without affecting the acoustic performance.

Can I use any type of paint on the Paintables?
Yes. A thin coat applied with an airless sprayer will do the best job. These can be rented at most tool rental establishments.

Can I have Primacoustic pre-paint the panels for me?
No. We do not offer a painting service. Many contractors provide this service.

Is the glass wool used to make Paintables harmful to my health?
No. This is the same material that is used to insulate your house. Each panel is fully encapsulated on the top and bottom and the edges are resin hardened to retain the glass wool fibers. This ensures that the glass fibers will not leach out during the installation.

Can I use Paintables in a school?
Yes, but you have to be smart about where they are used. For acoustic panels to work, they must be relatively soft. This means that the surface must be malleable. Pushing into the panel may cause the paint to chip off. So you should keep the Paintables out of harm’s way. For heavy traffic areas, use Broadway panels. These come with a heavy polyester fabric finish that is more durable.

Can I print graphics on the Paintables?
Yes. Contact your Primacoustic dealer or contractor for details on how your local printer can apply the image directly to the panels.