The Nimbus is, in many ways, the ideal acoustical device. It absorbs energy via the front panel; absorbs energy from the rear side; easily mounts from the ceiling where it is out of the way of windows, doors, and art; and it quietly goes about its job, reducing stress in the workplace and improving intelligibility for those that wish to communicate.

Improving Intelligibility
The term ‘intelligibility’ refers to one’s ability to understand or comprehend what is being said in a given room. For instance, everyone knows how unpleasant it is to go to a restaurant that is so ‘loud’ that it makes having a conversation impossible. The reason for this is simple; as more and more people converse, the hard surfaces of the walls, glass and tables reflect the energy back into the room where it echoes without any means of escape. Outside, sound is lost into space as there are no reflective boundaries. In the restaurant, as the ambient sound level increases, people naturally speak louder in order to be heard above the din. The louder we yell, the worse it gets. And if you are like me, you simply do not go back.

But this problem is not limited to restaurants. Hotel lobbies, airports, gymnasiums, classrooms… all of these spaces suffer from the same problems. And then when announcements from the PA are dispatched, they are impossible to understand. The solution is simple: introduce some form of absorption into the space.