Easy to use and it works!

By combining the MaxTrap or FullTrap with standard Broadway panels, you will notice that bass will immediately tighten up and chatter echo will be reduced, which will help eliminate troublesome standing waves that cause nulls and lobes. With less interference, the listening sweet spot will expand, making your room more comfortable to work in. With a properly treated studio, your mixes will become more accurate and translate better as you listen to the results in different rooms, in your car, and on different sound systems.



Using corners to your advantage

It is well documented that sound tends to migrate into corners where it reflects and amplifies. This is one reason why acousticians tend to always treat corners first. Another great reason is that because sound expands at a rate of four each time you double the distance, by treating corners you can ‘capture’ or trap the sound as it hits the wall before it expands. This applies to all frequencies and is the reason why the MaxTrap is designed to be corner mounted.

The FullTrap employs the same construction in a wall-mount design. This can be a good choice when windows or doors limit corner placement. By placing the FullTrap near the corner, you can enjoy the same sound absorbing benefits.