Combining ‘architectural elements’ with room acoustics has always been a challenge: Traditional acoustic absorption has typically been limited to wall-mounted panels. And for the architect, these traditional solutions tend to be boring. They have no flare! PrimacousticAccent™ panels open the door to greater creativity by allowing one to combine exciting shapes with traditional rectangles or squares as a means to add design elements to a room.

But in situations where wall surfaces may not be available, the most common alternative comes in the form of suspended panels known as ceiling clouds or baffles. These are generally 24″ x 48″ (60cm x 120cm) panels that are either suspended from the ceiling at one end like a flag or banner like the Primacoustic Saturna™ or ‘tabled’ by suspending it from four corners to create a cloud like the Primacoustic Nimbus™.

These acoustic solutions work extremely well but may not necessarily blend with the character or style of a given room. Primacoustic Acoustic Lanterns™ introduce a new approach whereby attractive ‘lantern style’ shapes are employed to allow the designer the freedom to add artistic flare all the while controlling the room acoustics.
Acoustic baffles are very effective at controlling sound and are particularly efficient in large rooms. This has to do with both where they are used and the available surface area.