Kickstand - Boom Stand Sound Isolator

The KickStand is an isolated boom stand base, designed to eliminate resonance from the stage, drum riser or studio floor from entering the microphone. It features a high density open cell acoustic foam isolator that is coupled to a heavy, laser cut steel platform that is shaped for optimum boom placement.

The weight is important as it provides a stable platform for improved transient response. Once in place, positioning the microphone is simple using any standard boom.

By eliminating the resonance, the sound engineer is no longer battling resonant phase issues that may contaminate the sound, making it both easier to accomplish the task while improving the sound of the drum kit.

Base Material: High density open cell foam
Stabilizing Material: Laser cut 3/8" steel Powder coated black textured finish
Dimensions: W x D x H 7.25” x 9.5” x 4” 184mm x 241mm x 102mm
Order Number: P300-0200-00
Included Hardware: Quick release tighening knob, lock washer, threaded mic adapter.