The KickPlate™ is a microphone platform that combines a large stabilizing base with an isolation pad to prevent resonance from the stage, riser or studio floor from entering the microphone inside a kick drum. Designed for boundary microphones such as the Shure Beta 91, the KickPlate helps eliminate the problem by decoupling the microphone from the bottom of the kick drum while introducing a stabilizing mass to hold the microphone firmly in place.

The design uses a unique ‘double hull pontoon’ shape made from high density foam that adapts to drum sizes ranging from 16” to 24”. A heavy laser-cut 1⁄4” steel plate provides the mass to stabilize the microphone and is augmented with a neoprene top surface that secures the microphone in place even when exposed to severe vibrations.

For those who travel, four cutout slots provide tie-down points to help hold the KickPlate firmly in place. These slots can then be attached to the inside lugs of the bass drum using heavy wire.