I notice that there are several companies making similar products. Is there a difference?
The main difference will be in the density of the foam. Some manufacturers employ lower density foam as it is less expensive to produce.

How do these compare to the Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizers?
The Recoil Stabilizers are designed for professional studios where the IsoWedge and IsoPlane target the home studio enthusiast. The IsoWedge and IsoPlane are much less expensive because they do not employ the mass component that makes the Recoil Stabilizer unique. The IsoWedge helps eliminate destructive coupling while the Recoils do a lot more.

Can I use the IsoPlane to help my CD player from skipping?
Yes. By decoupling the shelf from floor-borne resonance, you can often help your CD player and turntable so that they track better.

Why are these made from acoustic foam?
Open cell acoustic foam works well, is not too expensive and so long as it has sufficient density, does a very commendable job.

Can I build my own using packing foam?
Sure, why not? Just be careful… closed cell foam tends to be very hard and will act as a conduit for certain frequencies which of course could cause resonance.

I have large loudspeakers… can I use four IsoWedges for each one?
Yes. This is a good solution when your loudspeakers are large and heavy.

Can I use IsoPlanes for my home hi-fi system?
Absolutely. If you have bookshelf speakers, you will likely improve the sound by eliminating the resonance from the shelf.

If the foam eliminates resonance by converting energy into heat, am I not losing some sound?
Yes. This is a ‘best of two evils’ choice. If you have disruptive resonance, getting rid of it is a benefit. You will however likely loose some bass and the foam will affect the transient response. More expensive devices like the Recoil Stabilizers are designed to solve both problems at once.

It sounds like the Recoil Stabilizers are a better choice?
Well, it depends on your budget and your plans. If you are making music for fun, then you do not need to have the type of performance that one would when producing a world class CD. Most top engineers use Recoils because they want the most accurate monitoring environment possible.

Why do so many people use MoPads and IsoWedges if Recoils are so much better?
Probably because they are not aware of the difference and assume that they are similar. As soon as you pick up a Recoil, you notice the tremendous weight due to the steel platform. Recoils are also more expensive.

Why is the urethane foam Grey?
When we produce the foam, we impregnate the urethane with carbon to get a dark grey color. Carbon naturally resists UV and oxidization. This ensures your IsoWedges will last longer. This is the same reason outside electrical wires are black. Carbon makes them last longer in the sun!