Control Room & Emergency Response

A control room or Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a multifaceted communications and logistics bunker that acts as the hub for industrial plants, utility providers, transportation coordination and civil safety.  Its role is to both monitor and serve as the nerve center for a large physical compound or physically dispersed service provider.  In addition to… Read More

Ticket Office

Due to ever increasing security, it is now ‘normal’ that ticket offices are enclosed behind bullet-proof glass. Once enclosed, communication is then performed using a glass-mounted microphone, speaker intercom or a minute gap in the window. To suggest the communication is anything better than difficult would be a compliment. The problems in these environments are many:… Read More

Bus & Train Station

As with any bus, train and subway terminal, these spaces are beset with engine noise, car and truck traffic leaking in from outside, whistles and horns and the never-ending stream of talking passengers. The noise is intensified with the seemingly infinite announcements from the PA system warning of a departure change, security measure or a… Read More


Airports are very large, noisy places that – more often than not – have such terrible acoustics that they render PA systems useless and make communication near impossible. We have all stood at a crowded departure gate and struggled to hear the announcements advising a delay, change of gate or upgrade opportunity. And as important… Read More

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