Open Office and Sales Floors

The trend in office design is a large open area where every employee has a view outside with glass windows, concrete floors and high ceilings that give everyone a sense of space.  These workspaces look nice and make a strong visual statement about company culture, especially to prospective employees walking through the door for an… Read More

Huddle and Collaboration Spaces

Today, business is about collaboration. This means mind-sharing with individuals beyond the office, in cities or even countries around the globe.  Effective communication between the vested parties is essential.  This generally starts in a meeting space known as a huddle room and the communication medium is either a telephone conference call or video conferencing system…. Read More

Data Center and Server Room

It is not until you enter a data center do you realize the magnitude of the problem. Data centers produce horrific levels of noise. This is primarily caused by the cooling fans required to keep the mega-computers running and is augmented by the whirring of storage discs. Hard wall and floor surfaces augment the problem… Read More

Call Center

There is no place on earth that is noisier and more hectic than a telephone call center. Hundreds of operators lined up in cubicles attempting to speak with clients – all at the same time – their voices echoing off the walls, floor, ceiling and desks creating what only can be described as a cacophony… Read More

Video Conferencing

Whether you are video conferencing, tele-conferencing or podcasting, you are in fact broadcasting. Or more to the point, you are transmitting an audio and/or video signal to one or more parties at a remote location, just as if broadcasting from a radio or TV station. This means that in order to transmit your message with… Read More

Privacy & Containment

For the most part, T-Bar ceilings are the standard in today’s offices and boardrooms. This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that the size of the panel follows a standard that make them easily replaceable. The bad news is that these panels are not very effective at controlling echo and… Read More


Most boardrooms today are multi-function spaces that incorporate video conferencing, microphones, projectors and loudspeakers. More often than not, the room is filled with hard reflective surfaces such as gypsum walls, glass windows, a hardwood table and a white board. Sound from the voices and loudspeakers reflect off these hard surfaces creating a dense series of… Read More

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