Control Room & Emergency Response

A control room or Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a multifaceted communications and logistics bunker that acts as the hub for industrial plants, utility providers, transportation coordination and civil safety.  Its role is to both monitor and serve as the nerve center for a large physical compound or physically dispersed service provider.  In addition to… Read More


A museum can be anything from a large, cavernous space to a series of smaller rooms that are interconnected. In either layout, the same challenges ensue. The intent is to bring the visitor through a series of audio-visual presentations that form a story book as they weave their way through each zone. In some areas, relative… Read More


The library of yesterday was once a quiet, sterile place where any noise was frowned upon and immediately hushed. Today, libraries have become multi-purpose spaces where the community comes together for meetings and social interaction, kids are told stories on Saturday mornings and on Tuesday nights; book reading clubs gather for presentations by various authors or… Read More

Fire Station

Fire stations, first response teams and ambulance service centers are busy, excitable environments that conjure up a host of acoustical challenges, all of which are indisputably bound to clear and effective communication. Once called into action, alarms are activated, adrenalin rises, orders are given and the relative quiet turns into a cacophony of noise as… Read More

Police Station

The average police station conjures up many acoustical issues in an assortment of rooms throughout the building. Offices and interview rooms are often poorly isolated making it impossible to assure confidentiality. These spaces are usually so reflective and reverberant that recordings lack clarity and in many instances are unintelligible. First response control rooms are busy… Read More

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