Kids & Kats


A daycare is an ever changing dynamic with good and bad days. On a good day the kids will be quiet and relaxed – a joy to be around. The next day, the place can be filled with crying, fighting and screaming overtired kids that just cannot seem to settle down.  As one child raises… Read More

Play Room

Put a bunch of kids together in a room and in no time the sound levels augment to the point of surpassing the pain threshold. Kids yell, scream and cry and as the noise increases they automatically raise their voices to compensate.  Most play rooms are rectangular spaces with hard wall surfaces and tiled floors. The… Read More

Kennel and Animal Shelter

Most kennels are large, empty cement buildings made of up of a series of smaller cinderblock cells filled with excitable and stressed out dogs. Until you stop in for a visit, folks have no idea how much noise a highly reflective space like this can generate unless you work in one.  The sound pressure levels… Read More


Walk into a gymnasium and you can hear the echo from your footsteps as the sound ricochets off the hardwood floor, concrete walls and gypsum ceiling. In some gyms, the echo can last as long as 10 seconds! More often than not, these spaces must not only perform as a sports venue, they are often… Read More

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