Planning out an acoustic treatment project can be infuriating. Exactly how much coverage do you need to achieve the desired reduction in noise? How do you choose between the various acoustic products on the market? Each project will be different and there’s no one size fits all formula that works for every space.

Primacoustic is excited to introduce the brand-new The PrimaPro Calculator App, designed to take the stress and guess-work out of choosing acoustic treatment. Enter a few key details about your space, and the app will do the hard work for you, calculating the exact amount of acoustic coverage required, and selecting the Primacoustic products that best suit your requirements.

Step 1: Select Your Room Type

From the on-screen list, choose the Room Type that best describes the space you’d like to treat. Different kinds of rooms and use cases will benefit from different approaches to acoustic treatment and a different range of products.

Step 2: Enter the Room’s Dimensions

Enter the dimensions of the room into the fields on screen, in your preferred units.

The app works best for square/rectangular rooms. For non-standard sized spaces, we recommend laying the room out in the Primacoustic Designer App.

Step 3: Place Your Panels

Depending on the existing layout and décor of your space, you may prefer to install panels on the walls or ceiling only. Choose the option that best suits you from the on-screen list.

Your Results

From the information you’ve provided, the PrimaPro Calculator App will determine the amount of acoustic treatment needed and the most appropriate products for the job.

You’ll be presented with three potential packages of acoustic treatment, ranging from Standard to Excellent. All three will provide appreciable noise reduction, with the higher tiers offering even more. Each package includes a quote, broken down by product.

Most Primacoustic products are offered in a range of designs and colours, including our customizable Paintable/Printable finish. Choose your preferred options on screen.

Once you’ve chosen a package, click ‘SUBMIT THIS QUOTE’, and your chosen quote will be sent directly to Primacoustic. You’ll have to option to include any other relevant information. A representative will get back in touch shortly, and they’ll be able to put you in touch with a local dealer and/or installer.

Try the PrimaPro Calculator App today