How does the GoTrap absorb bass?
Two ways: the first is the shear thickness of the device. Based on quarter wavelength calculations 10″ thickness will easily remove frequencies down to 100Hz. Then, the 24″x36″ ‘spring’ inside (wood composite panel) will vibrate to remove even more low frequencies.

How high can I stack GoTraps?
Three high would be a nice safe maximum. Keep in mind that they can be stacked on their sides too! Just use common sense and if you have ‘active’ musicians that jump and move when they play, keep the higher panels out of harms way!

Can I create some kind of window on top?
Sure! A reasonably thick piece of Plexiglas (maybe 5mm or 6mm – 1/4″) can be propped on top of the GoTrap to reduce sound spill and provide a viewing window.

Can I add wheels to the GoTrap?
Sure. Just go to your local hardware store and get the type of casters that you would use on a guitar amplifier. Keep in mind that you want the GoTrap to stay as close to the floor as possible to reduce sound from traveling underneath.

Can I create a vocal booth by stacking GoTraps?
Yes, in fact this works great! Take six GoTraps, stack them on their sides (two-up) to create a U shape. This will end up being 6ft tall and will effectively remove most of the room ambiance from the voice microphone.

Can I use GoTraps as a temporary bass trap solution?
Yes. You can stack GoTraps in the corner to effectively control bass. This is a great way to get bass control without having to permanently build or mount bass traps in a rented space.

Can I change the color of the fabric?
Yes. Acoustically it will not make any difference so long as you use a breathable fabric. Be careful! The tolerances are quite tight with respect to how the acoustic panels in the Gotrap fit inside. So check to make sure the fabric you use is thin enough to fit before you commit to it. A good idea is to cut the fabric and wrap the panel but only glue the fabric on the back of the panel. This way, you can always pull the fabric off and recover again if your mood changes!

Can I paint the GoTrap wood frame?
Sure. The GoTrap comes with a fine clear finish to protect the Baltic birch so that it remains stable. A light sanding before you re-coat is all that is required. Be aware that paint can scratch off and when your GoTraps get dented, you will have to retouch them to keep them looking their best.

I am sensitive to odors. Will these have a smell when they are new?
Although we have not received any reports of any concerns, Primacoustic glass wool panels employ adhesives, resins and bonding agents during their construction and the panels are enclose in plastic to keep moisture out. It is therefore likely that some smells will be present when they are new and recently unpackaged. The smell should dissipate fairly quickly. If you are sensitive, we suggest opening the boxes and airing out all of the components for a few days until you feel they are acceptable.