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Few construction projects get underway these days without taking the acoustics of the space into account. Adding acoustic treatment is a great way to soften background noise, silence echoes, and tame boominess, creating quieter, calmer environments for employees, customers or visitors to live, work and play in.

Acoustic treatment can be a effective and relatively affordable way to improve the livability of a building, but we understand it can be a daunting area to get to grips with. Every project needs to be handled differently: the dimensions, materials, and intended-use of the room will all influence the best approach to the job – so a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t always appropriate. We appreciate that customers want a supplier who can offer a personalized, informed solution, from planning through to installation.

Here at Primacoustic, we have over 20 years history of working in acoustics, specializing in the demanding world of professional audio. Business owners, contractors, designers & architects from all around the world have turned to Primacoustic’s products and expertise for their projects and trust us as their go-to supplier for acoustic materials.

Our growing offering of cutting-edge acoustic products, ranges from panels, baffles and diffusers, up to our bespoke TelaScapes fabric track system. They’re all constructed to the highest standards and are laboratory-tested for acoustic performance, and compliance with international fire safety standards.

Whether you’re an acoustic specialist or brand new to the field, we want to empower our customers to make their purchasing decisions with confidence. Our site features a wealth of educational articles and tips so you can dive in and learn more about the specifics of acoustics. Meanwhile our growing suite of easy-to-use apps, gives our customers the tools they need throughout the process, from selecting products up to rendering visualizations in 3D.

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  • Easy Installation: We offer a range of hardware for installing our panels in common settings. No specialist equipment or expereince is necessary, and the impact on the walls or ceiling is minimal – meaning panels can be relocated in the future.
  • Cost Effective:
  • Paintable to match any Color:
  • Fast Delivery:

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“Since incorporating Primacoustic into our sales portfolio we have seen an improvement in top line, bottom line and customer satisfaction”

– Paramount Automation

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