The FlexiFuser is shipped flat in a box to save space and costly freight charges. All of the parts you need to put it together are inside including dowels, screws and mounting hardware. Standard household tools are all you need to build a FlexiFuser. Most folks find that it takes about 25 minutes to assemble following the simple step by step instructions. If you like, you can download the assembly manual by clicking this link to the FlexiFuser user guide. Once assembled, the FlexiFuser employs a French cleat as the wall hanging support mechanism. One cleat is mounted on the wall surface and the FlexiFuser simply hangs in place.

The FlexiFuser can be placed anywhere in a room to effectively diffuse sound energy, but below we have outlined the most effective surfaces to treat with diffusers. The determining factors for placement within a room are dependant on your room layout and what you want to achieve. A huge benefit to the FlexiFuser is the adjustability after installation, where your rooms acoustic response can be altered to suit by positioning the FlexiFusers vertical reflectors. This way you can move from a diffuse environment to a more absorptive space as required.

FlexiFusers are usually mounted in a row of three or more units to cover the width of a listening area or sweet spot. FlexiFusers can also be stacked to cover an entire wall for even greater control of room response between reflective diffuse and absorptive.