How does the FlexiBooth compare to the VoxGuard and other similar devices?
When it comes to absorbing acoustic energy, larger is better. The VoxGuard is designed for basic vocal isolation in a project studio while the FlexiBooth will deliver a higher level of absorption and performance. The VoxGuard is smaller and less expensive.

Does the FlexiBooth work as well as a true isolation room?
That depends. If you want complete isolation from noise, then an insulation room would be better. If you want good acoustics and a natural sound, the FlexiBooth may work better as many isolation booths sound terrible due to unbalanced sound absorption.

Can I put the FlexiBooth on a stand?
Yes, you can build a simple ‘H’ shaped stand for the FlexiBooth… although you have to make sure it is sturdy enough to handle the weight. We recommend that the base also be about 16” deep to allow the doors to be opened and closed so that the FlexiBooth will not fall over.

Will increasing the absorption in my room improve the FlexiBooth’s performance?
The more absorption you have in your room, the less reverberation you will have. This can be desirable for voice-over recording.

How does the FlexiBooth compare to the Freeport?
The Freeport is much easier to move around. The FlexiBooth will provide better isolation because of the doors.

Can I change the fabric color of the FlexiBooth?
Yes. Simply re-wrap the acoustic panels with any breathable fabric and it will work fine.

Can I attach a lyric sheet to the FlexiBooth?
Yes. This is easily done by pinning it to the fabric face.

Is handling the acoustic panels harmful?
No. The acoustic panels used in the FlexiBooth are 100% encapsulated with micromesh and edges are resin treated to lock the fibres in. This makes handling safe and ensures that the glass fibres do not escape.

I have heard acoustic panels tend to emit some odour. Is this true?
Yes. Often, when acoustic panels are new they will emit odour due to the adhesives that are used to wrap the panels. The plastic bags tend to hold the smell until the panels are aired out. For those that are extra sensitive to smells, we recommend airing out the acoustic panels for a few days in the garage to allow the odour to subside.