How to Make a Better Collaborative workspace

Acoustic ceiling panels for privacy in a Meeting Room

Creating an effective collaboration space requires several different features in order to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and practical for your collaborative needs. The comfort and aesthetic requirements are subjective, bringing in furniture that fits the space, plants, and soft furnishings (more on this later) can really help the look and feel of a space. From a practical point of view, we need to predict and address privacy and communication issues that may arise from your chosen collaboration space. 

Many modern offices are open concept and finish materials are often hard, such as wood and stone. These hard surfaces, while visually appealing and easy to maintain, create privacy and intelligibility issues. Sound bounces from hard surface to hard surface, smearing the sound and raising the overall volume in the space. As the volume increases, people speak louder to overcome the base noise level. As voices continue to rise the issue self perpetuates and becomes a distraction, privacy concern, and makes communication an issue throughout the entire office. Luckily the solution to bad acoustics is simple, and can be rectified by adding a few important features into your space. 

It’s important to remember that soft surfaces play double duty. They both absorb noise and make your space more comfortable. At times a simple solution can also work the best. Try moving a couch and a few pillows into your space, it won’t only look great, it will be functional too!

Acoustic panels and ceiling treatments, such as Primacoustic panels and clouds, can create acoustical zones and dampen the ambiance in open office spaces bringing the ambient noise level down and controlling the reflections. By strategically covering approximately 20% of the wall surface area with acoustic panels you can greatly reduce noise pollution in the office. Introducing acoustic paneling, such as Primacoustic panels, is part of a planned approach to noise pollution in the workspace that needs to be adjusted and maintained in order to best suit those working in the office. 

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