CrashGuard - Drum Microphone Shield

The CrashGuard is a drum microphone shield designed to isolate the drum microphone to reduce it from picking up the spill from nearby cymbals. This allows the engineer to increase the attack of the drum by adding high frequencies without the cymbals becoming overly present.

Made from high-impact ABS, the light-weight CrashGuard attaches to the boom arm and is held in place using the microphone’s clip. The inside or under-belly of the CrashGuard is completely lined with high-density open cell acoustic foam to reduce internal reflections. And the innovative design features an extended cable access port that allows the microphone to be articulated for optimum placement.

Once in place, the CrashGuard helps control spill from cymbals into the drum delivering greater control over each drum for an improved mix.

The CrashGuard has been tested for fit with many major brands of instrument microphones. However there may be some mics that will not work because of size or the configuration of the clip. Please consult your local Primacoustic dealer about the make and model of microphone you want to use.

Shell Material ABS plastic, black (75% recycled material)
Inner Liner High density acoustic foam
Dimensions: 7” x 3.75” x 2” (17.8cm x 9.5cm x 5cm)
CrashGuard Order Number: P300-0105-00
CrashGuard 421 Order Number: P300-0107-00