Ceiling clouds by nature are absorptive acoustic panels that are suspended horizontally from the ceiling. The space between the ceiling and the panel enables the cloud to absorb sound energy from the floor via the exposed visible panel surface while also absorbing energy that reflects off the ceiling into the back side. This doubles the absorptive performance in the voice range and increases bass absorption due to the air space acting like a bass trap.

What makes the Paintable Clouds unique is their ability to be lightly spray painted on-site to color match the room esthetics. Paintables come factory painted in Absolute White latex. Latex, is of course a breathable paint that does not harden. So long as the paint surface is not overly saturated, the acoustical properties remain unchanged.

Installing Paintable Clouds horizontally is done with eyehooks screwed into the ceiling and suspending the panels using Primacoustic SlipNot™ aircraft cable and hook assemblies. These snap to the Helix™ screw-in anchors and are fully adjustable.



Paintable Ceiling Baffles
Primacoustic Cloud Paintables can also be used as baffles. A baffle is also suspended from the ceiling, but in this case, in a vertical fashion. When suspended this way, acoustic energy from the direct signal path and from the ceiling reflection is absorbed by the panel. The results are further improved when the panel is suspended near a wall as the sound reflecting off the wall surface and wall ceiling reflection is also absorbed. Ceiling baffles are considered by most acousticians to be the most efficient absorptive devices.

Used as a baffle, Cloud Paintables are ideally suited for spaces that have high ceilings such as cafeterias, arenas and gymnasiums. The low profile Saturna (30cm/12″ x 120cm/48″) is offered as an alternative for venues with low ceilings. Baffles are also mounted using the same eyehook and SlipNot approach, only here, a Primacoustic Corkscrew™ anchor is employed that is deeply embedded for secure mounting.



Using The Decorative Panels on Walls
Just like any Primacoustic Broadway panel, these decorative Paintable Clouds can also be used on walls. The various shapes provide the installer with architecturally interesting options that can be painted to add sparkle to any room. Sound energy is absorbed by the panel as it penetrates the front surface. When the panel is positioned high, near the ceiling joint, a corner is created that increases the absorptive performance. The panel is affixed to the wall surface using Primacoustic Surface Impalers.


The Cirrus, Hexus and Altos are available in 36″ and 48″ diameters while the rectangular Saturna comes in 12″ x 48″ and 24″ x 48″ sizes.