Can I use the Cloud Paintables as a wall panel?
Yes. Simply add Primacoustic Surface Impalers for mounting.

Can I use the Cloud Paintables as a hanging baffle?
Yes, simply use the Corkscrew to suspend the panel and add the SlipNot cable assemblies for quick adjustment.

If I paint the panels, how much will performance suffer?
With a spray light dusting, the performance will not be affected. With a heavy rolled on coat, you will create a membrane than can cause the panel to reflect high frequency energy. The membrane will increase the bass absorption.

Are the Paintables fire safe?
Absolutely. They have the very highest fire safety standards that meet requirements in the most demanding jurisdictions around the world.

How do you clean the Cloud Paintables?
The same way as you would any wall. Gently dust off using a vacuum or brush. If soiled, a damp cloth may be used to gently wipe clean.

Can I glue to the wall for permanent installation?
Yes. You merely apply construction adhesive and use the push-on Impalers to hold in place while the glue cures.

How easily are they damaged?
They are about as fragile as a painting. In other words, if hit with a sharp object it can be damaged. They can be repaired and repainted using the same techniques as repairing drywall.

Can I use Cloud Paintables in a sports complex or arena?
Yes, so long as they are kept out of harm’s way.

Can I use Cloud Paintables in a swimming pool?
No. Swimming pools have too much humidity. This will cause mildew on the panels and this would be difficult to impossible to clean.

Can I use Cloud Paintables in a restaurant or cafeteria?
Yes absolutely – for the seating area. But you should probably not use them in the kitchen as the grease and grime will be difficult if not impossible to clean.