Primacoustic Panels Reduce High dB Levels in Restaurants

NEWS RELEASE — Port Coquitlam, British Columbia — A dramatic rise in NIHL (Noise-Induced Hearing Loss) is leading restaurants and houses of worship alike to address dangerously high dB levels by installing acoustic panels that reduce the incidence of reverberant and ambient noise. NIHL is a noise-related hearing condition that can lead to debilitating tinnitus,… Read More

Primacoustic Expands Paintables Series with Broadway Broadband 48” x 48” Acoustic Panel

PRESS RELEASE: Port Coquitlam, British Columbia — Primacoustic has expanded its popular Paintables line of acoustic panels with the introduction of the new Broadway 48” x 48” Broadband absorptive wall panel. Primacoustic Paintables is a line of soundproofing panels that gives architects and interior/room designers the ability to integrate matched color or printed graphics into… Read More