Reducing Restaurant Noise Levels With Acoustic Panels

Problem: The increasing incidence of high dB levels that lead to restaurant noise was once again the number one complaint patrons have with restaurants, as confirmed in a recent Zagat survey. The seriousness of this problem is highlighted by the fact that many food writers are now including decibel level readings in their reviews. This… Read More

Exceeding Client Expectations with Acoustically Treated Fitting Spaces

Above: Broadmead Hearing Clinic in Victoria, B.C. recently installed a selection of Primacoustic Broadway acoustic panels in their clinic. The following was originally published in Canadian Audiologist in 2017 and was written by Primacoustic‘s James Wright.  When delivering and fitting a new set of hearing aids, the first impression is of key importance for the client to… Read More

Navigating Loudspeaker System Design – Church Productions

What type of loudspeaker system design is best for our situation? It’s a loaded question. The answer for any given church is dependent on numerous factors, including worship style, the room’s architecture, acoustics and aesthetics and, of course, budget.

Eating out may be bad for your ears

By Gail Richard Gail Richard is president of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and a faculty member in the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences at Eastern Illinois University. I’m deaf in one ear. When I dine out, I prefer to be seated with that ear against the window or wall and my good ear aimed toward… Read More

Panel Discussions and Acoustic Treatments – PSN Europe

The following is an article by Phil Ward of Pro Sound News Europe in their May 2017 edition.  Acoustics: the black art of knitting fog. All the same, you’ll soon know if you ignore this art and, to help, we can try to turn as much of it as possible into science. There is a lot… Read More

Acoustic panel placement – The Mirror Trick!

Sound above 400Hz is considered to be directional. In fact, the higher the frequency, the more directional the sound waves tend to be.  In a home theater or 2-channel listening room, these bounce off the nearby walls and produce very noticeable second order reflections which compete with the direct sound from the loudspeakers. These are… Read More

Control Sound in a Gymnasium

Walk into a gymnasium and you can hear the echo from your footsteps as the sound ricochets off the floor, walls and ceiling. In some gyms, the echo can last as long as 10 seconds! The excessive reverberant field is the primary reason gymnasiums are one of the most challenging spaces of all in which… Read More

Designing a Vocal Booth

Whether you are designing a vocal booth or isolation room for instruments, the desired outcome is the same: The room must keep outside noise from polluting the recording and the room itself must not introduce anomalies to the voice or instrument. Determining the size of the room Vocal booths are generally smaller rooms designed to… Read More

Understanding the Basics of Sound Control in Home Theaters

Acoustic sound control is one of the most misunderstood elements of our industry. The truth is, it’s a lot easier than we imagine and often easier than installing a simple hi-fi system. So why do some contractors shy away from this moneymaking opportunity? Familiarity is likely the number one reason. Many integrators have been installing… Read More