How much Acoustic Treatment do I need?

Whether this is your hundredth install, or your first time choosing acoustic treatment, we’ve made it easy to find the right solution for any room. Our suite of apps help direct you to pick the perfect Primacoustic products to start creating a better space. PrimaPro Calculator Get an instant product recommendation for your room. Simply… Read More

How to Make a Better Collaborative workspace

Creating an effective collaboration space requires several different features in order to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and practical for your collaborative needs. The comfort and aesthetic requirements are subjective, bringing in furniture that fits the space, plants, and soft furnishings (more on this later) can really help the look and feel of a space. From… Read More

How Do I Stop My Gym From Echoing?

Gyms, we’ve all been in one before or have used one where sound always echoes, right? Gyms are typically a larger open space with surfaces like hard metal ceilings, with walls covered in large areas of drywall, and a hard rubberized floor. These building materials are considered to have low absorption coefficients, in other words;… Read More

How Can I Improve My Classroom Acoustics?

Education is dependent on the clear, concise communication of ideas and concepts in an accurate, engaging and consistent manner. If the teaching environment or ability to learn is compromised, the outcomes will be compromised likewise. Think of it this way; you wouldn’t want to teach someone to read in the dark, likewise, we shouldn’t teach… Read More

Sound Baffles: What They Are, and How They Work

Are you looking to improve the overall sound performance in your space? Sound baffles, such as Primacoustic’s Saturna baffles, are acoustic treatment panels that are suspended vertically from the ceiling. These baffles are typically hung by attaching two small-gauge steel cables to anchor points between the panel and the ceiling. Each baffle comes in a… Read More

Converting an Industrial Space to a Brewery

Commercial spaces are often perfect candidates for micro-breweries and tasting rooms. The open sightlines and high ceilings make for a great atmosphere and easy workflow. What is often ignored in these types of facilities, however, is the way sound affects both the customer and the employee experiences.   In most cases the rooms contain hard… Read More

How To Start a Podcast

Looking to start a podcast? Primacoustic is here to help! In order to create a great sounding podcast, you will first need to start with great sound. A computer and interface microphone(s) are obvious pieces to start with, but even the best equipment won’t sound great in a lively or reverberant space. The advent of… Read More

How to Reduce Noise in a Room With a High Ceiling

  High ceilings are great for making a room feel larger, in fact – interior designers and developers love incorporating high ceilings into their homes. However, while they’re a great choice design-wise, they also provide sounds with a longer path of travel, resulting in more noise.    Cause In very tall spaces, it’s common to… Read More

Soundproofing vs. Sound Treatment

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between soundproofing and sound treatment is? In order to treat any room for a noise ‘problem’ we need to first identify the problem and then work to rectify it in a way that is appropriate. We also want to ensure that doing so isn’t a waste of… Read More

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