Reducing Restaurant Noise Levels With Acoustic Panels

Problem: The increasing incidence of high dB levels that lead to restaurant noise was once again the number one complaint patrons have with restaurants, as confirmed in a recent Zagat survey. The seriousness of this problem is highlighted by the fact that many food writers are now including decibel level readings in their reviews. This… Read More

Improving the sound of interviews with acoustic treatment

Smaller rooms tend to employ a basic recording system while larger rooms tend to be equipped with more complex systems. No matter what setup is in use, the resulting recordings can often range from being difficult to understand to utterly inaudible. What few realise is that in most cases, the problem is not the fault of the… Read More

A Cinematic Solution

To provide the best possible environment for recording and post production, Wiebe contacted Primacoustic (a division of Radial Engineering Ltd. of Port Coquitlam, BC) to improve the acoustic properties of the studio spaces and control room. Read full article

The Importance of Acoustic Treatment in K-12 Schools

Several generations of students and teachers have battled the inherent problems caused by noise and poor acoustic design in educational settings. Despite the problem having been recognized for over 100 years, acoustics in classrooms remain under-addressed in older buildings and many newer built schools.  Read full article  

Serving Up the Best Sounding Cup Improves Your Bottom Line

When you combine the sound generated by a music system, patrons trying to converse, staff communicating and the inherent noise from coffee making equipment, it builds up and reaches a point where the energy in the room is no longer able to be absorbed or dissipated. Moreover, design trends have evolved towards very open spaces (high… Read More

Sound Bites

By improving the acoustics in your facility, you will create a more comfortable and quiet environment, enhance intelligibility and reduce communication errors between patrons and staff such as making mistakes with orders in the restaurant and bar. It will also enhance the performance of your venue for greater appeal when renting out the facility for… Read More

Lowering Ambient Noise Can Improve Your Bottom Line

In a 2015 dining trends survey by Zagat, the number two complaint by patrons, after service issues, is excessive ambient noise… In order to resolve the excess noise inherent in many restaurants, owners should incorporate acoustically absorbent materials into the restaurant; either as part of the initial design, or as an aftermarket addition. Read full… Read More

Optimizing Acoustics in Museums

Are poor acoustics turning off visitors, diminishing earned income opportunities? While newer museums are often built to be able to operate as multi-purpose spaces, most established facilities were designed for a singular purpose – to display and diffuse knowledge, and give the general public a greater understanding of the world in which we live. Most commonly,… Read More

Optimizing the Acoustics in Museums

While newer museums are often built to operate as multipurpose spaces, most established facilities were designed for a single purpose: to display and diffuse knowledge, and give the general public a greater understanding of the world in which we live. Most commonly, this means static displays in relatively quiet spaces. While the addition of broad-function… Read More