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Be Heard with Primacoustic

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About Acoustics

Acoustic treatment is important for critical listening as well as creating a comfortable space for customers or employees. When sounds from loudspeakers or nearby conversations travel around the room, they will bounce off of hard surfaces, which amplifies the noise in the space. Primacoustic acoustic panels address this issue by absorbing most of that sound energy, reducing the echo or reverb and increasing intelligibility

Our Products

At home office with black acoustic panel room kit installed above desk.


Broadway wall and ceiling acoustic panels are made from high performance glass wool in order to deliver broadband absorption across all frequencies – Ideal for critical listening spaces.

Two women interacting at store checkout counter with green and blue acoustic panels on wall.


Made from PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephalate), which comes from recycled plastic water and soda bottles, EcoScapes wall and ceiling acoustic panels help sustain our outside environment, while enhancing your inside environment.

Male teacher speaking to class of elementary students with white and blue acoustic panels on wall.


The TelaScapes Fabric Track is comprised of three fully customizable components: absorptive filler panels made of high density Broadway glass wool or eco-friendly TelaFill PET panels, a modular track system, and a selection of stretch fabric available in a wide range of colours.

Success Stories – Piva Restaurant

“Standing table side with the guests, the conversation is contained while still hearing the buzz of the restaurant. ”
Christopher McFadden
General Manager


Whether it’s in houses of worship, offices, classrooms or restaurants, speech intelligibility is often compromised by uncontrolled noise and reverb. Primacoustic acoustic panels are the best way to manage excessive noise in any space. Acoustic treatment is particularly crucial in recording studios, where sonic anomalies can appear in the mix.

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