The problem with video conference rooms

Whether you are video conferencing, tele-conferencing or podcasting, you are in fact broadcasting. Or more to the point, you are transmitting an audio and/or video signal to one or more parties at a remote location, just as if broadcasting from a radio or TV station. This means that in order to transmit your message with clarity, you have to play by the same rules. Think back to the last time you spoke to someone using a hands-free telephone. You hear the voice, but with it comes background noise, disruptive echoes and an overall unpleasant tone that makes it difficult to hear what is being said. The problem is simple: the microphone that is being used to capture the voice is also capturing the ambient noise. Unlike our brain (and ears) that is able to ignore unwanted sounds when we are in the same room, a microphone flattens out the information and sends it all over the wires. This makes it impossible for us humans to then ‘disassemble’ it and filter out the bad stuff. Sound from our voice echoes off hard surfaces such as table tops, walls, windows and ceilings to create a cacophony of noise that ends up at the other end of the wire. Communication is hampered, hearing is strained and your audience tunes out.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Ever since the very first ‘wireless telephone’ was used to transmit opera in New York City in 1910, broadcasters have worked at improving intelligibility for the listener. One of the most important advances was treating the broadcast station with acoustical materials to eliminate echo that would disrupt the sound and make it difficult to comprehend what was being said. Today, broadcast stations employ absorptive acoustic panels to eliminate flutter echo and powerful primary reflections. Covering between 25 % and 40% of the wall surface area with 2” thick Broadway™ panels will turn a regular office or boardroom into a very effective video conferencing suite. These specially formulated panels are made using high-density 6lb glass wool and are fully encapsulated in micromesh and then covered in rugged polyester tweed fabric. Panels are mounted to the walls using Impalers™ and installation is as easy as hanging a picture.  Once in place, you will immediately notice that the flutter echo or the quick succession of sounds ricocheting off the walls, ceiling and floor are eliminated. Broadway panels will also eliminate standing waves which can cause the voice to sound boxy. Once installed, you will immediately improve intelligibility and all of your efforts and expense of transmitting the message will finally be properly received. 

Executive Summary

  • Absorbs flutter echo and standing waves in the room
  • Eliminates the boxy sound and distractive ambiance
  • Improves intelligibility for those at the receiving end
  • Retains the audience and lengthens attention span