The problem with studios

Today, the amazing power and low cost of digital technology has transitioned most recording projects out of the large studio into smaller spaces and homes.  Once all the gear is set up and the first recordings are undertaken, the stark reality comes to light: What seems to sound good at home sounds terrible in the car and on your friends’ hi-fi system. The problem is simple-no matter how good the microphone, preamp or recording system, unless the acoustics are balanced, your recordings will not translate well when played back on other systems. Hard surfaces such as gypsum walls, windows and hardwood floors cause primary reflections which make placing instruments in the stereo field difficult. Secondary reflections introduce flutter echo and a reverb trail which interferes with your mix. Low frequencies collide – either in or out of phase – causing peaks and valleys (room modes and comb-filtering) which create hot spots depending on where you are sitting in the room.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Add Primacoustic acoustic treatment to your room to create a relatively neutral space that will enable your recordings to translate properly when played on other playback systems. Depending on your room size and budget, Primacoustic offers a wide array of solutions starting with London Room Kits™ that deliver everything you need to turn an unruly space into a functional one. London Room Kits evolved from the LEDE (live-end, dead-end) concept whereby the ‘transmit’ end of the room is treated with greater density while the ‘receive’ end of the room is kept live to retain a greater sense of space. Strategically placing the Broadway™ panels to absorb primary reflections and attenuate flutter echo delivers immediate relief. London Bass Traps™ attenuate low frequency resonance and room modes which help balance the sound of the room. Adding a Stratus™ cloud above the console further tightens control over the sound-scape while enlarging the work area. Complementing the room with diffusion is icing on the cake.  Because Broadway panels are made from high density glass wool (not low density urethane foam) you enjoy balanced absorption right down into the more difficult to manage bass range. Once your room is treated, you will immediately go back and listen to old recordings and remix them with a new sense of confidence. Not only will your recordings sound better, you will find that your work flow will be more productive, making decisions all the easier.



Not sure what products are right for you? Check out our suggested room layouts to see what will work best for your space.

Executive Summary

  • Creates a more neutral recording space that is easier to work in
  • Allows your recordings to translate better to other audio systems
  • Empowers you with greater confidence when it comes to making decisions
  • Enlarges the work space and enhances critical listening
  • Brings a higher level of professionalism and certainty to your clients