The problem with noisy police stations

The average police station conjures up many acoustical issues in an assortment of rooms throughout the building. Offices and interview rooms are often poorly isolated making it impossible to assure confidentiality. These spaces are usually so reflective and reverberant that recordings lack clarity and in many instances are unintelligible. First response control rooms are busy and excitable areas. Dozens of phone operators and logistic coordinators talking at heightened noise levels causing people to struggle to hear calls and instructions. The hard wall surfaces, tiled floors and windows amplify the room reflections and echo. This interferes with essential communication and generates errors and misunderstanding in this mission-critical environment. Conference, office and duty rooms suffer with reflective design flaws that push energy back into the room making interviews, discussions and presentations taxing and difficult to comprehend. Due to poor acoustics, video or telepresence broadcasts are sonically smeared and impart fatigue as the ear struggles to filter the clutter from the important information being transmitted. Finally, public areas and reception cubicles are plagued by bullet-proof glass with tile floors and concrete walls that amplify the voices to the point that it makes speaking through the intercom a frustrating experience.

How can Primacoustic help you?

For areas where communication is important, treating the walls with Broadway™ acoustic panels will immediately remedy the situation.  These are made from high-density glass wool and are designed to attenuate voice or flutter echo, remove reflections and calm the room to provide clarity and focus. Since we are dealing with sounds in the voice range, most rooms a can easily be controlled with between 10% to 20% wall coverage using 1” (2,5cm) thick Broadway absorption panels. Larger spaces can further be improved using Nimbus™ clouds or Saturna™ baffles. For offices and interview rooms that require confidentiality, Primacoustic ThunderTile™ ceiling panels are drop-in replacements for T-bar ceilings that combine the same high-density glass wool construction with the addition of a gypsum backing board that prevents sound from transmitting through the plenum into adjoining offices. Broadway wall panels can also be shielded by a protective metal grid sleeve to prevent access and damage in secure interrogation and interview rooms.

Executive Summary

  • Better speech intelligibility and a focused, calm listening environment
  • Provides clarity and reduces error in a critical listening situation
  • Reduces fatigue throughout the facility and provides less stressful working conditions
  • Allows articulated, detailed and clear recordings of conversations and interviews
  • Easy to install and needs no servicing or maintenance