The problem with noisy libraries

The library of yesterday was once a quiet, sterile place where any noise was frowned upon and immediately hushed. Today, libraries have become multi-purpose spaces where the community comes together for meetings and social interaction, kids are told stories on Saturday mornings and on Tuesday nights; book reading clubs gather for presentations by various authors or special guests. While this is happening, students make their way there to do research, study for exams, use the internet and have a coffee. The problem with these spaces is that while all of this is going on, there still needs to be a place where people can go and relax to read a book in a reasonably quiet environment. Hard, reflective surfaces such as floors, gypsum or concrete walls and windows cause sound to propagate from one section of the library to the other, causing constant disruption for those that need a degree of silence. This presents an impossible climate for librarians to contend with as they want to encourage social interaction, yet need to offer a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Contain the sound in zones by suspending Primacoustic Paintable Clouds™ from the ceiling above the problem areas using SlipNot™ adjustable suspension wires. These exceptionally efficient panels are made from high-density glass wool and are fully encapsulated with micromesh and resin hardened edges. Once in place, these absorb both the direct sound that emanates from room chatter along with the noise that reflects off of the ceiling. This significantly reduces the reverberant field and sound energy propagation into other areas. Paintable Clouds come in Absolute White™ are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any décor. The unique, paintable finish enables the panels to be lightly dusted with spray paint to color match the library’s décor.  For areas that may be adjacent to highly reflective wall surfaces, Broadway™ acoustic panels are mounted on the walls using Primacoustic Impalers™. These are as easy to install as putting up a picture.

Executive Summary

  • Noise is contained and propagation is significantly reduced
  • Excessive echo due to an overexcited reverberant field is subdued
  • Lower reverb time (RT) improves intelligibility and comprehension
  • Allows multiple activities to occur simultaneously with less conflict
  • Enables one to create quiet zones for study or personal enjoyment