The problem with noisy lecture halls

Lecture halls and auditoriums tend to be large impersonal rooms with elongated walls that are made from highly reflective surfaces such as cinder block, gypsum board and tile – all of which are perfect incubators for long trailing echoes. The spoken lesson from the professor or sound from the audio visual system bounces off the hard surfaces creating powerful first order reflections and is followed by secondary echoes that together create a dense reverberant field. This forces the student’s brain to work extra hard to discern between the important message he or she wants to hear and the unwanted ambiance that gets in the way. Intelligibility is impeded and the student is disadvantaged. The problem is all the more acute in larger rooms as the echo arrives well after the desired message further disrupting communication. To address the problem, a PA system is introduced which only makes matters worse. The room becomes over-excited with acoustic energy, reverberation levels elevate, the student loses interest, and the presentation is lost. There is nowhere for the energy to escape.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Eliminate the primary and secondary reflections by covering between 15% and 25% of the wall surface area with 2” (5cm) thick Broadway™ acoustic panels. Made from high-density glass wool, Broadway panels are expressly designed to evenly absorb acoustic energy in the voice and music range and are available in choice of polyester fabric wrapped or in a Paintable™ finish to color match room aesthetics. Panels are mounted using Impalers™ and dispersed evenly along the left and right wall surfaces and across the back wall. This eliminates powerful primary reflections from the sides and long echo reflecting off the back wall.  Once in place, you will immediately notice the room ambiance will quiet and greater sense of tranquility will transpire. For the student, the reduced reverberant field will result in improved intelligibility which in turn will result in greater comprehension and a more enjoyable learning experience.

Executive Summary

  • Eliminates powerful primary and secondary reflections
  • Lowers reverberant fieled resulting in greater intelligibility
  • Less ambient noise makes room more comfortable to be in
  • Improving the acoustics improves comprehension of message being sent
  • Once installed, does not require any servicing or upkeep