The problem with hotel lobbies

When architects design a hotel lobby, they design them to make a statement. It is your first impression of the establishment that sets the standard for your expectations. The focus is on how the room looks – not how it sounds. Hotel lobbies come in all sizes and themes. Some of the more stately hotels can be ornate and grand; vacation hotel lobbies are often themed or borderline dramatic; most business hotels are less ostentatious but are still spacious and airy. In almost all cases, these are constructed with hard reflective surfaces that include glass, plasterboard, gypsum, marble, tile, chrome and a mixture of hardwoods. These areas experience intense traffic throughout the day with sounds blending from outside cars, the check-in counter, concierge and porter stations, lobby bar,  background music, coffee shop and patrons. With business being conducted, the excitement in the room is magnified as the volume from people talking increases. Sound energy reflects off the hard surfaces and self -amplifies creating a din of noise that perpetuates throughout. Large, spacious rooms are further plagued with long echoes and reverberation times. The resulting buildup of acoustic energy creates a substantial and confusing onslaught that makes conversation difficult and almost impossible during peak check-in and check-out periods.

How can Primacoustic help you?

The easiest solution is to apply between 10% to 20% wall coverage using 1” (2.5cm) thick Broadway™ Paintables to the wall surfaces. These panels can be placed on available wall space and can be color-matched to fit the aesthetics using a light dusting of latex paint.  For settings where the wall décor of the hotel lobby cannot be altered, strategically treating the ceiling using Cloud Paintables™ is an effective alternative. These are suspended from the ceiling using simple eye hooks and adjustable SlipNot™ suspension wires. Cloud Paintables not only provide excellent sound dampening, but can be positioned in such a manner to remain relatively camouflaged and out of sight. Paintable™ clouds along with Saturna™ baffles are very effective as direct sound energy is simultaneously absorbed on the face of the panel, while reflections off the ceiling are absorbed by the back side. This effectively doubles the acoustical performance. These solutions are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any taste from inconspicuous to bold. 

Executive Summary

  • Lowers reverberant field and improves speech intelligibility
  • Creates a quieter, calmer and more relaxing lobby area
  • Easy to install and needs no servicing or maintenance
  • Causes minimum impact to the room aesthetics
  • Can be used to enhance and modernize the décor