The problem with noisy distribution centers

A good portion of the 35 million people in the USA and Canada who are exposed daily to hazardous noise in the workplace are employed in noisy industrial facilities such as mail sorting facilities, bottling plants and distribution centers. Most facilities are housed in cavernous metal or concrete shells and heavily populated with noisy equipment. The hard building structure is highly reflective and typified with long echoes and a never-ending reverberant field that self-perpetuates. Add any number of employees shouting over the din and you have the recipe for an acoustical nightmare. The volume levels become so high, communication becomes impossible. This can lead to stress, reduced attentiveness and diluted productivity. With employee concentration levels under stress, workplace accidents and injuries due to an inability to communicate properly become more prevalent. Sustained exposure to high sound pressure levels over long periods leads to hearing loss or even permanent ear damage. This opens the door to health-related absenteeism and legal liability.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Hearing Conservation Programs are legally in place in most countries. These programs require employers to measure noise levels, provide free hearing exams, ear protection, training and monitor the noise levels in the working environment. The first line of defense against excessive noise exposure should be to reduce the sound pressure to the point where the risk to hearing is eliminated or at the very least, minimized. With the reduction of even a few decibels, the negative impact to hearing is reduced considerably, communication is enhanced and noise-related vexation is greatly diluted. Reducing employee exposure from workplace noise is easily done treating 15% to 25% of the wall surface area with 1” thick Broadway™ panels. These are as easy to put up as hanging a picture and can quickly be done by maintenance staff.  Placement is not critical as the reverberant field is likely omnipresent. Should the available wall surface area be limited, Saturna™ baffles or Paintable Clouds™ may be suspended from the ceiling using adjustable SlipNot™ hook and wire assemblies. These are advantageous as they allow sound energy to penetrate the panels from both sides. Primacoustic panels are made from high density glass wool and are extremely effective at absorbing sound energy. Treating your facility will greatly reduce the reverberation time (RT), decrease the ambient noise level and improve the working environment.

Executive Summary

  • Lowers noise and improves communication
  • Reduces the risk of injury or accidents
  • Lower noise levels will prevent hearing damage
  • Decreases health costs and legal liability
  • Reduces stress and employee fatigue
  • Enhances overall productivity in the workplace