The problem with a noisy daycare

A daycare is an ever changing dynamic with good and bad days. On a good day the kids will be quiet and relaxed – a joy to be around. The next day, the place can be filled with crying, fighting and screaming overtired kids that just cannot seem to settle down.  As one child raises his voice, the rest immediately elevate theirs to the point that a dense noise permeates throughout. Sound reflects off the hard gypsum walls and ceilings, tiled floors and windows further amplifying the problem. Sound travels down the hallways and even quiet rooms for napping are polluted. The noise heightens stress levels and tensions rise. Instead of a nice, relaxed atmosphere, the mood changes to the worst and everyone has a bad day.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Create a comfortable and quiet environment by mounting 1” thick (2.5 cm) Primacoustic Broadway™ absorptive acoustical panels to 15% of the available wall surface.  Broadway panels are made from high density glass wool for even absorption across the voice range.  Each panel is encapsulated with micromesh and resin hardened edges. The panel is then hand wrapped in a rugged polyester tweed. Panels are mounted to the wall surface using Impalers™ and are as easy to install as hanging a picture. Placement is not critical. For areas that are designated as quiet zones, additional Cloud Paintables™ may be suspended from the ceiling to further control excessive noise. These are hung from eye-hooks using SlipNot™ adjustable aircraft wires.  Once in place, you will immediately notice reduced noise and a more comfortable working environment. The kids will be less subject to stressful noise and the daycare will remain calm and comfortable for all to enjoy.

Executive Summary

  • Apply Broadway panels to 15% of available wall space
  • Noise and reverberation will be attenuated
  • Creates a quiet, stress-free environment
  • Reduces spill over to other rooms
  • Makes the experience more enjoyable for all