The problem with dance studios

One needs to merely listen to the echo and long trailing reverberation in a dance or martial arts studio to realize that these venues are not suited for music or communication. These facilities commonly feature painted cinder block walls, hardwood floors and gypsum ceilings. Sound from the music system, teacher and students reflects off the hard surfaces and meld together to create an uncontrollable clamour. Often, highly reflective mirrors are added which further intensify the problem. In effort to compete with the noise, voices are raised and the problem self-amplifies. This makes it difficult for instructors to communicate with students and impossible for students to hear instructions. The beat from the music becomes difficult to follow. The teacher that works in this hostile environment all day is subjected to noise that often exceeds the safe maximum allowable levels prescribed by local laws. They may go home with a headache, stress and they may feel over-tired. Simply stated, unless treated… the noise has nowhere to go.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Apply Broadway™ acoustic panels to 15% to 25% of the available wall surfaces to absorb sound energy and reduce excessive reverberation in the room. Broadway panels are made from high-density glass wool for maximum absorption across the audio spectrum. Each panel features a resin hardened edge that create sharp architecturally pleasing lines. This works with the micromesh to fully encapsulate the panel to eliminate dusting. The panel is then wrapped in rugged polyester tweed that will look great for years. Placement is not critical. It is more a matter of getting the absorptive panels up on the wall. Mounting is just as easy as hanging a picture and is done using Impalers™.  Choosing the right thickness of panel is determined by the type of sound you are trying to control. Thinner 1″ (2.5cm) Broadway panels work well in the voice range, while thicker 2” (5cm)  and 3” (7.5cm) Broadway panels will absorb lower frequencies making them a better choice for rooms where a music system is in use. Broadway panels are tested to meet stringent class-A smoke and flame tests for safe use in metropolitan areas. Once installed, you will enjoy a significant reduction in the reverberant field, less ear fatigue and vastly improved intelligibility.

Executive Summary

  • Enables clear communication between teacher and student
  • Easier for everyone to follow music tempo and beats
  • Creates a more comfortable working environment
  • Reduces workplace stress for the teacher
  • Improves the sound of the PA system, allowing it to work properly
  • Eliminates health concerns from exposure to excessive noise levels