The problem with noisy convention centers

Keynote speakers, motivational presenters and world class entertainment are just a few of the program contributors that rely on clarity and articulation to entertain, inform and inspire. Large spaces with inherently long echo and reverberation times make these goals all but unreachable. When the audience can’t understand or properly hear the material they become disengaged, fidgety and the desired impact is lost. When used for a tradeshow, the noise emitted from an unruly booth elevates the acoustic energy in the room forcing others to follow suit and before you know it, the noise floor elevates to the point where everyone is yelling to communicate. The problem is the hard surfaces. Sounds from the PA system, audio visual displays and attendees reflects off the hard concrete walls and ceiling, creating a mass of noise that makes it difficult or practically impossible to receive the message that is being transmitted. Straining to hear or be heard is an exhausting and frustrating experience that leaves the presenters and attendees unimpressed and unlikely to return.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Treating the walls with 12% to 20% of the surface area with 2” (5cm) thick Broadway™ acoustic panels provides a ready solution. Broadway panels are made from high-density glass wool for even absorption across the audio spectrum. Each panel is hand wrapped in polyester tweed fabric and fully encapsulated with micromesh to eliminate dusting.  Resin hardened edges create sharp, architecturally pleasing lines for easy integration. Paintable™ panels are also available to color-match the room aesthetics. Installation is easy using Impalers™ and can be done by maintenance staff by dispersing the panels throughout the room. If wall space is limited, Saturna™ baffles or Cloud Paintables™ may be suspended from the ceiling using eyehooks and SlipNot™ adjustable cables. These ceiling treatments are, in fact, twice as effective since sound is absorbed on both sides of the panel.   Once installed, the results are immediately noticeable and highly appreciated by the users, presenters and audience alike.  Acoustic room treatment provides the intelligibility to get the full impact from spoken word and musical presentations, helping to keep attendees stay focused, engaged and entertained. In a pleasing acoustical environment, there is no straining to hear or yelling in order to overcome the noise. Important safety and informational announcements over the PA system are clear, without being overly harsh or obtrusive. The sound is balanced and the fatigue associated with straining to understand is eliminated.

Executive Summary

  • Lowers overall sound pressure, making it more comfortable for delegates
  • Significantly improves intelligibility during convention presentations
  • Works on spoken word and musical program with equal effectiveness
  • Reduces excessive reverberation, improving concert and AV sound system performance
  • Enhances safety evacuation alerts and communication messaging
  • Engagement and enjoyment of hard-of-hearing attendees is greatly increased
  • Passive technology is never obsolete, never requires service