The problem with noisy control rooms

A control room or Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a multifaceted communications and logistics bunker that acts as the hub for industrial plants, utility providers, transportation coordination and civil safety.  Its role is to both monitor and serve as the nerve center for a large physical compound or physically dispersed service provider.  In addition to data manipulation, audio and video communication is often present. Due to the sensitive nature of the information being processed, control rooms and EOCs are typically tightly secured and inaccessible to the general public.  In these highly animated and demanding environments, clear and concise communication is critical. This requires staffers to maintain their full on-the-job concentration – even after exhausting long hours. In such a demanding atmosphere, a perfect sounding room is critical. The primary concern is the ambient noise from participants, loudspeakers, electronic equipment and ventilation systems reflecting off hard surfaces such as walls, floors and video screens, causing a din of noise.  As alarms are raised, tension follows suit, voice levels escalate and the problem self-perpetuates. This inhibits communication and leads to error.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Primacoustic 2” thick Broadway™ panels are mounted to the wall surfaces covering between 25% to 35% of the available wall space to absorb excessive noise energy. Placement is not critical. Broadway panels are made from high density 6lb glass wool for exceptionally even absorption across the audio range. Each panel is encapsulated in micromesh with resin hardened edges and then wrapped in a rugged polyester tweed fabric.  Mounting is done using Impalers™ and is as easy to put up as hanging a picture. If wall space is limited, Paintable Clouds™ may be suspended from the ceiling using adjustable SlipNot™ aircraft wires. These are particularly useful in areas where a higher concentration of noise is at hand.  For facilities outfitted with T-Bar ceilings, ineffective low density ceiling tiles may be replaced with high performance StratoTiles™. Should noise from adjacent offices or manufacturing zones be causing pollution, ThunderTiles™ incorporate the same high density glass wool as StratoTiles and Broadway panels while adding a heavy gypsum board layer to inhibit sound transmission via the plenum. These retrofit into existing T-bar systems without the need for cutting or special tools. Combining wall panels with ceiling treatment often produces the best results. Once installed, you will notice a significant reduction in room noise, reverberation will be eliminated and intelligibility will be vastly improved. This will not only reduce employee stress, it will improve efficiency and safety while lowering errors due to miscommunication.  

Executive Summary

  • Lowers room noise and reverberant field
  • Improves speech intelligibility and communication
  • Allows articulated, detailed and clear instruction
  • Creates a more comfortable working environment
  • Lowers employee stress and absenteeism
  • Reduces errors due to miscommunication