The problem with noisy casinos

The mental image most folks have when entering a casino is a place filled with lights flashing and noisy one-arm bandits ringing away. The noise from people enjoying themselves, gaming machines and live entertainment mix together to create a cacophony that can be overwhelming to the senses. Sound levels build up as sound reflects or echoes from hard walls and ceilings causing patrons to yell to be heard or strain to hear. Live music, meant to augment the experience, can often become a source of irritation and complaints as music spills over from the venue onto the gaming floor. For workers, exposure to high sound pressure levels over extended periods can lead to tinnitus or even permanent damage. What starts out as an exciting space that attracts attention, often ends up being an area that is avoided.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Noise, and the associated echo and reverberation, can be controlled and absorbed by distributing Primacoustic acoustic panels throughout the gaming floor. Made from high-density glass wool, these are available in a choice of wall-mounted Broadway™ panels or in the form of Saturna™ baffles or Cloud Paintables™. In performance venues, treating the stage area allows musicians to hear better and play more quietly which in turn gives the audio technician control of the volume. Similar to the gaming floor, the performance venue can benefit from ceiling and wall treatment to control and contain the sound within the space. Treating between 15% to 25% of the wall surface area will make noticeable improvements to the customer experience keeping them in the venue longer and returning more often. An acoustically balanced environment – with echo and reverberation tamed – makes people feel comfortable. They are not straining to hear or communicate, nor are they fatigued by the barrage of noise coming at them as they try to enjoy themselves. The employees enjoy a more pleasing and less strenuous working environment when they can hear and be heard. The live entertainment and sound scape created within provides the intended impact and the energy of the room can be controlled, rather than it taking over the space. When customer experience is enhanced, customer loyalty increases.

Executive Summary

  • Balanced acoustical environment retains energy without causing strife
  • Creates acoustical zones for different demographics and activities
  • Lowers noise levels reducing concerns regarding hearing safety and health
  • Passive technology is never obsolete and never needs servicing
  • Cost effective to purchase and easy to install