The problem with bowling alleys and curling clubs

Conjure up the sounds in a bowling alley as marble balls race down the wooden pathways and end with an explosion of pins as another strike is counted. A typical curling club is much the same. You hear the roar of granite projectiles as they stream their way down the ice and the crack of stones when impact is made. These long, large rooms are typified with highly reflective surfaces such as concrete block walls, glass, hardwood and ice. Although the echo and long reverberation time (RT) amuses the senses during impact, the acoustics render these rooms useless for any other activities. One merely has to bring in a PA system to realize that the intelligibility is so poor that using the room for a dance, meeting or party is impossible. This does not bode well for management as the facilities are never considered for events outside their specific design. But if one considers that these facilities tend to only be busy during league seasons and are often left unused a good portion of the year, the opportunity to increase revenues becomes a very compelling opportunity that should be explored and realized.

How can Primacoustic help you?

Improving the acoustics allows a commercial space like a bowling alley or curling club to diversify into new revenue generating streams, opening up new opportunities which ultimately can provide significant financial benefit. This can easily be achieved by applying 2” thick Broadway™ panels to 15% to 22% coverage onto the available wall space. This will immediately bring the reverberation time (RT) down to manageable levels and allow a PA or music playback system to perform properly. This means that corporate meetings or community events can now be had without attendees straining to hear what is being said. With the echo under control, these spaces can be used for small concerts and parties and dancers will actually be able to keep the beat! 

Mounting is as easy as hanging a picture to a wall using Impalers™. Broadway panels are available in a rugged polyester fabric finish or may be ordered in a white Paintable™ finish for color matching with the existing décor. Should wall space be limited, Saturna™ hanging baffles and Cloud Paintables™ provide a ready alternative. These panels hang from the ceiling and are suspended using SlipNot™ adjustable aircraft wires.

Executive Summary

  • Reduces noise and reverberation time to enable the PA system to work properly
  • Enhances intelligibility which enables the facility to be used for meetings
  • Can be strategically placed in the facility to contain noise to create quiet zones
  • Creates a more comfortable and pleasing acoustic environment
  • Opens up new market opportunities and revenue streams