Are Primacoustic Acoustic Clouds safe to handle? I heard fiberglass can cause irritation.
This is true. This is why all Primacoustic acoustic panels are fully encapsulated and have resin hardened edges. This way, the glass fibers are completely retained. When you cut the panels, you can release the fibers. If you choose to do so, we suggest you wear gloves, eye wear and a mask during the installation.

Are the Paintable Absolute White finished panels fire safe?
Absolutely. They have the very highest fire safety standards that meet requirements in the most demanding jurisdictions around the world.

What is the difference between the Nimbus Ceiling Cloud and a 24×48″ Broadband Absorber?
They are one and the same. The Nimbus comes complete with hanging hardware and is packaged individually which is important for contractors when on a job site.

What is the difference between the Nimbus Ceiling Cloud and the Stratus?
They are in fact very similar. The Stratus comes with a special aluminum frame with hardware to suit, that lets you gang several of them together for a tight cloud. This would be primarily used in a recording studio. The Nimbus is more of a general use acoustic panel, thus not as application specific.

Can I use a Primacoustic acoustic cloud as a hanging baffle?
Yes, simply use the Corkscrew to suspend the panel and add the SlipNot cable assemblies for quick adjustment.

Can I use the Primacoustic acoustic clouds as wall panels?
Yes. Simply add Primacoustic Surface Impalers for mounting.

Can I glue acoustic clouds to the wall for permanent installation?
Yes. You merely apply construction adhesive and use the push-on Impalers to hold in place while the glue cures.

Can I re-cover an acoustic cloud to suit the décor in my room?
Yes. All you do is place the fabric down on a table, use spray-on adhesive fold, cut and you are set to go! Make sure you use a breathable fabric so that the acoustic properties do not change.

Can I cut a hole in an acoustic cloud for a light fixture?
Yes… but make sure it has a proper steel housing designed to be used inside a drop ceiling with insulation. Your hardware store can best advise you on this matter.

Can I improve the bass absorption by building a box around the cloud?
Yes. Building a sealed enclosure will increase the bass performance. This will however reduce the high frequency performance as sound will no longer echo off the ceiling and penetrate the back side.

If I choose to paint the Absolute White panels, how much will performance suffer?
With a spray light dusting, the performance will not be affected. With a heavy rolled on coat, you will create a membrane than can cause the panel to reflect high frequency energy. The membrane will increase the bass absorption.

Do ceiling clouds work better when they are tightly clustered?
Yes and no. For the recording studio, a cluster will provide greater control in the critical sweet spot. But in a restaurant, cafeteria, or call center, spacing the panels will provide improved balance and ambient control which will be better for a larger room.

Why is treating the perimeter of the room important?
Acoustic energy tends to cluster in corners because the walls and ceilings act as waveguides. By treating the ceiling and wall joint, you basically double the performance of the panel by capturing sound as it is reflected back into the room, before it expands.

How can using acoustic clouds help with industrial noise?
Safety is a major concern in any industrial environment. This includes safe communication between workers and reduced stress from noise. This causes ear fatigue, tension, and reduced productivity. By improving the acoustics, management is perceived as caring about employees by improving their working environment.

How can acoustic clouds help in the classroom?
Effective communication to students plays a critical role in their comprehension and therefore involvement and enthusiasm. As the student moves back, away from the teacher, sound is reflected off the walls, ceiling, and windows and reduces intelligibility. Improving the room acoustics also reduces the noise caused by HVAC systems, another important, yet often unnoticed, distraction.

How do you clean the acoustic clouds?
The same way as you would any wall. Gently dust off using a vacuum or brush. If soiled, a damp cloth may be used to gently wipe clean.

How easily are they damaged?
They are about as fragile as a painting. In other words, if hit with a sharp object it can be damaged. They can be repaired and repainted using the same techniques as repairing drywall.

Can I use the clouds in a sports complex or arena?
Yes, so long as they are kept out of harm’s way.

Can I use the clouds in a swimming pool?
No. Swimming pools have too much humidity. This will cause mildew on the panels and this would be extremely difficult to clean.

Can I use Primacoustic clouds in a restaurant or cafeteria?
Yes absolutely – for the seating area. But you should probably not use them in the kitchen as the grease and grime will be difficult if not impossible to clean.