Impalers and Hardware

Primacoustic acoustic panels may be mounted by various methods to suit your specific application. In addition to using typical screws and adhesives, Primacoustic has developed a series of impalers to provide the installer with a simple, quick and effective method of mounting acoustic panels onto walls without causing serious surface defacement.

Alternate installations can be considered, including: direct screw-down using a long screw and retaining washer, velcro (where light duty installations are needed), or, for permanent installations, construction adhesive. Whatever your choice, Primacoustic panels are sure to provide a great looking and effective installation!

Surface Impaler > Order Number: F101-1000-00

Used to mount Broadway panels directly onto the wall surface. The Surface Impaler is fastened to the wall with two screws. Four sharpened darts embed into and support the acoustic panel. Panel installation is quick and easy with little wall defacement. For an extra measure of security, a dab of adhesive can be added between the Impaler and panel.

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Push-On Impaler > Order Number: F101-1003-00

The Push-On Impaler allows the installer to push the Broadway panel straight onto the Impaler clip, making it easier to align panels in clusters or side by side with accuracy. For an extra measure of security, a dab of adhesive can be added between the Impaler and panel.

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Off-Set Impaler > Order Number: F101-1002-00

Increase absorption by introducing a 3.5" (8.89cm) air space behind any Broadway panel. The Off-Set Impaler will lower the effective frequency by as much as an octave. Features a U-shaped design with pivoting darts for left-hand or right-hand installations. For an extra measure of security, a dab of adhesive can be added between the Impaler and panel.

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Corner Impaler > Order Number: F101-1001-00

Turn any room into bass traps by mounting a Broadway panel across a 90° corner to form a 17" (43.18cm) deep cavity that absorbs bass. Primacoustic Corner Impalers are easy to install with pivoting darts for left-hand or right-hand mounting. Simply fasten four Corner Impalers to the walls and hang panel. For an extra measure of security, a dab of adhesive can be added between the Impaler and panel.

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Cloud Anchor > Order Number: F101-1007-00

Suspending Broadway panels has never been easier or faster. Simply twist Cloud Anchors into the back of the Broadway panel for a strong and secure installation. The integrated eye-screw allows overhead suspension by tie-wire or chain. Perfect for hanging Broadway acoustic panels in restaurants, call centers, boardrooms, schools and offices.

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Snap On Anchor > Order Number: F101-1009-00

Perfect for installations where panels need to be mounted securely, the Snap-On Anchor locks the panel onto any flat surface. Simply twist the anchor into the panel using the included tool, and attach the corresponding locking pins to the wall or ceiling. The panel clicks and locks onto these pins, providing save overhead/ceiling mounting and secure wall installations in high traffic areas. 50 Anchors per package, 1 hand tool and 6 marking plugs included.


Wall Anchor Kit > Order Number: Z600-2210-00

Cobra Triple Grip Anchors. This multi-purpose plastic anchor kit can be used in drywall, plaster, brick and concrete block to fasten Primacoustic Impalers. Unique triple action design grips in three ways: claws, expanding split core and locking toggle wings. Includes masonry drill bit, 100 anchors and 100 screws.


The Corkscrew™ > Order Number: F101-1004-00

Designed to create a vertical baffle using any Broadway or Paintables panel, the Corkscrew is a tensioned steel screw that twists into the edge of a panel for placement overhead. Combining the Corkscrew with the SlipNot enables the panel to be quickly adjusted to achieve a uniform height.


The Helix™ > Order Number: F101-1006-00

The Helix, is a solid zinc-die-cast device that integrates an eye hole and a wide screw that create a reliable and sturdy anchor for the hanging any Primacoustic panel as an acoustic cloud using the adjustable SlipNot™ suspension system shown above.


The SlipNot™ > Order Number: F101-1011-00

Designed to suspend Primacoustic clouds and baffles, the SlipNot is a unique suspension cable system that combines aircraft steel rope with a cam-style releasable hook for easy height adjustment at one end and a simple eye-sling at the other. One merely attaches the sling to a suspension point and clips the hook into the Primacoustic cloud or baffle using either the Corkscrew or Helis panel mounting screws.


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