Clouds & Ceiling Tiles

Treating ceilings can result in the best solution for acoustic sound control. This is particularly true in commercial installations where windows, doors and art can make hanging acoustic panels on walls impossible. Drop ceilings can also provide a conduit for sound transmission if left unchecked.

Primacoustic offers a wide array of ceiling panels for all kinds of situations. The modular Stratus ceiling cloud is designed for studios that want optimum control at the mix position. The Nimbus follows a similar path with more affordable hardware making it ideal to control sound in restaurants, cafeterias and commercial spaces. The Cumulus tri-corner trap fits up and out of the way for rooms that have limited ceiling and wall space while the Radiator can be used to create a transparent cloud for added architectural flare. T-Bar ceilings can be retrofitted with StratoTiles for improved acoustics while the ThunderTiles can be used to both control acoustics and stop sound from traveling between rooms.

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