Al Schmitt

"I was suspect at first, but after a few minutes with the Recoil Stabilizers I realized how much difference they made. Especially on the low end. I'm keeping these. They work."

~ Al Schmitt
Barbra Streisand, Steely Dan, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones.

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London 12 Room Kit

Primacoustic Artist Reviews

Rob Wells

"I've always wanted to have the ability to program and write from home, but have always done it elsewhere for the simple fact that I've hated how my writing room sounded. Recently, I decided that enough was enough. I went to my local dealer where they looked at my room layout and suggested the Primacoustic London 12 room kit. I brought it home, opened it up, and planned the layout using the various panels included in the kit. I'm not a handy guy at all, so please believe me when I tell you how happy I was to find out how easy it was to install! Now my room sounds great, my songs sound great (in my humble opinion) and I'm able to work at home."

~ Rob Wells
Producer/Composer/Programmer - Backstreet Boys, Canadian Idol, Nick Lachey, Amie Miriello, Mika, Matt Dusk, Olivia Newton-John, Eva Avila

Eric Stewart

"Over the years, I have built several rooms including Strawberry Studios for my band 10CC plus many other production suites around the world. I was delighted to find the Broadway London 12! It is incredibly flexible, the sonic improvement is excellent and the non-permanent mounting of the panels with the 'Impalers' is invaluable. This makes a huge difference for me. In the past I had to leave the various acoustic treatments GLUED to the walls and I didn't dare remove them for fear of ripping the surface of the walls and ceilings down!"

~ Eric Stewart
Writer, Producer, Vocals – 10CC, Neil Sedaka, Paul McCartney, Alan Parsons

Adam Hamiton

"After moving into my newly finished home studio I discovered to my dismay that my room was in need of some serious acoustic treatment. After consulting with the guys at Primacoustic I order the London 12 A kit and kept my fingers crossed that it would do the trick. Much to my surprise, after unpacking the kit and placing the panels on the floor not yet attached to the walls and ceiling, I was blown away how much better my room sounded before any of the kit had been installed! After a super easy installation I am pleased to say my room is now accurate and pleasing to work and record in. My mixes translate as I am hearing them in the room. The rooms is acoustically correct yet is not dead. What an amazing product!"

~ Adam Hamiton
- L.A. Guns, Producer – Leif Garrett, George Lynch, Willam Shatner

Scott Henderson

"I had a popular brand of foam and I needed to take it down because after 3 years it started to crumble and fall apart. I never thought there were any acoustic problems, until I A/B'd the Primacoustic Broadway panels with what I was using. The foam gave the guitar a bit of a nasal sound - more emphasis on mid frequencies, and not good ones in my case. I configured the Broadway panels randomly to cover about 30% of the walls. A big difference! Tighter low end with more of it, plus a sweeter top end and a clearer, open sound. Whatever you do, don't use foam, especially attached with glue. The foam turns into dust after a while and is a total mess. Plus foam doesn't sound nearly as good as the Broadway acoustic panels."

~ Scott Henderson
Artist/Performer - Tribal Tech, Chick Corea, Jean Luc Ponty, Joe Zawinul, Jeff Berlin, Victor Wooten

George Seara

"Peter, my studio space sounds fantastic, thanks to your Primacoustic Broadway panels, RazorBlade diffusers, Stratus clouds, and FullTrap bass traps. Tightening up the bottom end in my room was my primary goal and your panels have done an incredible job!"

~George Seara
Engineer - Rihanna, Drake, Holly Cole, Sting, and Herbie Hancock. 2012 Juno Award for Recording Engineer of the Year

Joe Wowk

I built a professional recording studio in my house and I couldn't have done it without the proper acoustic control and diffusion. The London room kit is a MUST for proper recording, engineering and mixing!""

~Joe Wowk
Sweeney Todd, Bryan Adams, Prism, Darby Mills, Jethro Tull

Broadway Acoustic Panels

Primacoustic Artist Reviews

James Michael

"I just finished building a new mixing and tracking facility in Los Angeles. I chose to use Primacoustic products exclusively for the design. Their Bass-trapping, diffusion and absorption are second to none. My new mix room sounds EXACTLY how I want it to sound and it's largely due to Primacoustic's brilliant products!"

~ James Michael
Producer, Songwriter, Mixer, Lead Singer of Sixx:A.M.

Charles Deenen

"Primacoustic is a company that goes the extra far mile in both customer service and support. I can't praise them enough on that aspect. I first heard of Primacoustic while working at EA in Canada. Then I found out they were only 10 miles away!! Their product is so extremely well made that we decided to outfit 12 new editorial rooms with it. All 12 rooms were acoustically treated in less than 2 days, and could be re-configured for fine-tuning virtually instantly. Love that

We used their Bass traps, Broadway panels and Cumulus panels. I ended up acquiring their panels for much of my home studio in canada, and now our studios in Los Angeles. A few particular things I like about their product: easy to work with, solid build, very nice looking, great results. And due to their 100% "wrap", it is great for people with allergies, or people who don't want to be exposed to Fiberglass. It goes without saying that their panels do the job, and very well. I especially love their 2 inch thick panels since they absorb all the way down to 100hz, are super sturdy and just look stunning with the beveled edge. Job well done Primacoustic. Great product for a great price. "

~ Charles Deenen
Audio Director, Sound Designer & Mixer - Electronic Arts

Marc Copely

"As newly transplanted New Yorkers to Nashville, we found ourselves finally having the space we've always wanted to build our rooms. The main studio room is the perfect amount of lively but manageable thanks to the combination of GoTraps, Broadway and Stratus panels, and our harp and piano room is inspiring to say the least. To top it off, the Primacoustic panels happen to look gorgeous too! I can't think of a better way, both sonically and financially speaking, to better focus a room than the selection of products that Primacoustic offers."

~ Marc Copely
Recording Artist

Daniel Adair

"When I had the idea to turn my practice room into a recording facility, I threw up some mics and tested how the room sounded. Like any untreated small room it sounded out of control with weird standing waves. I consulted studio designer Chris Potter and he swore by the Primacoustic Broadway Panels and Maxtraps for the corners. I put them up and the difference was amazing. The room went from unruly to tight and controlled. To compensate for the size of the room and the low ceilings, I have an a joining 25" wide hallway with two bright rooms at the end that create a huge room sound. The mix of both of those spaces gives me all the sounds I need for any style of music."

~ Daniel Adair
Performer/Artist - Nickleback

Chris Baseford

"Superstar drummer Tommy Lee recently built a new world-class studio in his Calabasas residence.  Head engineer Chris Baseford worked with Primacoustic’s Jay Porter on acoustic sound control for the various rooms. They selected Broadway panels for general room treatment, Cumulus tri-corner traps for low mid control and Razorblade quadratic diffusers to manage the high end in the control room.  According to Baseford: "The Primacoustic products offered the versatility and convenience that we were looking for.  The ease of install really allowed us to experiment with placement and the quality of the treatments achieved the sonic balance we were looking for!"

~ Chris Baseford
Producer/Engineer - Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee,

John Rzeznik

"Not only does my room sound amazing, it's also really beautiful!!!"

~ John Rzeznik
Performer/Artist - Goo Goo Dolls

Dave Rideau

"Being able to fine-tune a room on site makes all the difference. Primacoustic has everything you need. The unique mounting scheme is easy to install and lets you make adjustments without thrashing the interior surface. It works."

~ David Rideau
Engineer/Producer - Janet Jackson, Sting, TLC, Kirk Franklin, George Duke and Jennifer Lopez

Butch Walker

"The Primacoustic panels, bass traps and diffusers are up and kicking butt in my new studio in Santa Monica. I love the way the control room and tracking room sound now... and so does everyone that records here! Being a block from the beach is awesome, but the tracks can't sound like crap... so thanks Primacoustic for helping to make my room work."

~ Butch Walker
Engineer/Producer - Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, Pink, Sevendust, Hot Hot Heat, Simple plan, The Donnas.

Nathan East

"Hey guys... I just wanted to thank you again for helping me with my studio, the Broadway panels, Recoil Stabilizers and the wonderful design. It really turned out great and sounds fab! I love it."

~ Nathan East
Bass Player/Composer - Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Modonna, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Eric Clapton, Phil Colins, Al Jarreau.

Paul Leary

"I re-vamped up my home studio less than a year ago, doing everything myself. After some research, I bought a bunch of Primacoustic and have not looked back. I learned a bit about low end in the process. I have been thrilled with the results, except that I never want to leave my room. Using Primacoustic for my studio was one of the best things I've ever done. It was fun putting it all together. It looks as good as it sounds. Thanks for making such a fine product!"

~ Paul Leary
Artist/Engineer/Producer Butthole Surfers, U2, Sublime, the Meat Puppets, Daniel Johnston, The Reverend Horton Heat, Pepper, Maggie Walters.

VoxGuard Portable Gobo

Primacoustic Artist Reviews

Sammy Merendino

"I do most of my recording in a Harlem townhouse built in 1892. Needless to say, the house wasn't designed for recording, but it does have a lot of character. Sometimes a bit too much, so I am always searching for different acoustic solutions. I like cutting vocals in the parlor. When I want a more intimate, up close vocal, I use the Primacoustic VoxGuard. It tightens it up makes it much more controllable in the mix."

~ Sammy Merendino
Drummer/Programmer/Engineer/Producer - Cyndi Lauper, Pat Metheny, Billy Joel, Foreigner, Carly Simon, Joan Osborne, Michael Bolton

KickStand Mic Isolator

Primacoustic Artist Reviews

Al Schmitt

"I got my first Primacoustic Kickstand several months ago, I now have two, I use one on the kick and the other on the snare. I could immediately hear how it tightened up the bottom end and helped to eliminate boom. But just as important, the artists I work with also hear the difference. That is most important to me, since keeping the musicians happy is what I strive for. I really like the Kickstand, try it and you will too."

~ Al Schmitt
Barbra Streisand, Steely Dan, Ray Charles, Quincy Jones.

Elliot Scheiner

"The Kickstand... What a wonderful piece of gear! It added a lot of definition and removed unnecessary low end that I would have had to use EQ for. Really Great!"

~ Elliot Scheiner
Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Sting,
The Eagles, Queen , REM, Faith Hill.

Clint Black

"The stability alongside the isolation feature that the Primacoustic Kickstand provides BEATS all! It does exactly what we all would expect from a mic stand for a kick drum."

~ Clint Black
Prolific singer-songwriter.

Bruce Swedien

"Ever since I recorded Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, I have been hoping for a mic stand like this. The KickStand is most certainly the best thing going... . I love it!"

~ Bruce Swedien
Engineer/Producer - Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Paul McCartney.

Bil Vorndick

"Brilliant!!! Kick drums have been needing this forever. I used the KickStand yesterday and my kick drum sound was fantastic. Right away, I noticed a difference in it's spacial placement in the mix. The KickStand made the sound of the kick drum float right where I wanted it. I haven't heard that before. You have a winner, a tool every engineer will need. I put a short boom on it and mounted a Neumann Fet 47. Everyone at the Oceanway Nashville session loved the sound."

~ Bil Vorndick
Engineer/Producer - Bela Fleck, Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas, Marty Robbins, Mark O'Connor.

"R.E. Thuggz"

"I recently used the KickStand with a Neumann fet 47. The kick track came out solid and tight, needing less EQ in the mix than the typical kick recording with the same mic.  That could partly be due to the drum of course, but I think I hear a certain clarity and solidness that isn't usually that good. I then got a little bit rebellious and lived on the edge...broke some rules...and used it with a fet 47 on an Ampeg B15 bass cabinet.  I figured bass cabs could be another good use for these things. Although I didn't compare it to a standard stand, I got a killin' bass sound.  Very heavy."

~ Ari "R.E. Thuggz" Raskin
New Yorker... don't mess with him!
Chief Engineer, Chung King Studios
Justin Timberlake, Moby, Backstreet Boys, Black Eyed Peas

David Morgan

"Some ideas are so simple, yet so perfect, that you kick yourself for not coming up with the concept yourself.  The Primacoustic KickStand is definitely one of those innovations.  While we were in rehearsal for the Carole King/James Taylor Troubadour Reunion tour, we had the opportunity to A/B the KickStand with a conventional mic stand.  The resonance of a hollow stage is always a problem in large arena shows and adds to the boominess of low frequency information.  The difference between the KickStand and a conventional base stand on our stage was immediately noticeable. We use it every day on Russ Kunkel's drums! Clearly, this product is a winner.  Thanks, Primacoustic."

~ David Morgan
FOH Engineer for James Taylor, Carole King and the Troubadour Reunion Tour

Paul Middleton

"While working on Scott Mulvahill's solo album, we used the Primacoustic KickStand to isolated Jeff Randall's bass drum. This not only helped isolate the vibrations from the rest of the drum kit, it produced a smooth solid kick-drum response. The tracks were 'butt kickin', to say the least."

~ Paul 'pappy' Middleton
Engineer Palmyra Studios

Sammy Merendino

"I do most of my recording in a Harlem townhouse built in 1892. Needless to say, the house wasn't designed for recording, but it does have a lot of character. Sometimes a bit too much, so I am always searching for different acoustic solutions. My drums are set up in what use to be the dining room. Since the floor not floated and is all wood, it tends to resonate a bit. By using the Primacoustic Kickstand, I can isolate the bass drum microphone from the floor, giving me a much more solid recording. I also add Primacoustic Crashguards on the snare and tom mics to eliminate leakage. They limit stray cymbals from entering those mics. These small additions add up to a big difference in my overall sound."

~ Sammy Merendino
Drummer/Programmer/Engineer/Producer -
Cyndi Lauper, Pat Metheny, Billy Joel, Foreigner, Carly Simon, Joan Osborne, Michael Bolton

FullTrap Broadband Bass Trap

Primacoustic Artist Reviews

Hal Beckett

"I installed 3 of the Primacoustic FullTraps in the back of my 5.1 music studio. What a difference; tighter bottom end, smoother mids. I especially liked that my clients now have a better listening environment at the back of the studio. Before, there was a lot of bass build up and they would comment that the mix sounded bottom heavy. When I invited them to sit in the sweet spot at the console, they could hear the proper balance. Now, with the FullTraps, they can sit in comfort at the back of the studio and hear my music the way it's supposed to sound."

~ Hal Beckett
Emmy-nominated composer - Beckett Music

Razorblade QRD Diffuser

Primacoustic Artist Reviews

McPherson Theater, Victoria B.C.

"Before we added the Primacoustic Razorblades, the mids were confused and muddy. Since they have been installed the problems have been cleared up and our customers are really pleased. The Razorblades work great and are priced right."

~ Richard Gould
Technical Director - McPherson Theater, Victoria B.C.


Primacoustic Artist Reviews

Bill Reynolds

"I just Installed the thunder tiles in my control room, Holy Smokes what a Difference they make. I couldn't be more pleased with how the Thunder Tiles Tightened up my room. I love them!"

~ Bill Reynolds
Engineer, Producer and Bassist - Band of Horses.

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